In our current and increasingly digital age, marketing automation is virtually mainstream. If your business hasn’t already, now is the time to adopt and utilize a solution that allows you to automate your digital marketing efforts.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation “allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster” and can be utilized by businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s still a relatively new concept, but the benefits make it a staple of every marketing team’s successful strategy.

3 Benefits of Marketing Automation

1.      Time Savings

No one likes to spend their valuable time doing repetitive, busy work. Marketing automation expedites those pesky tasks, such as sending emails or multichannel marketing messages, freeing up time for you to create engaging and relevant content that advances your business. With marketing automation, what once could take hours, days, or even weeks, now takes minutes. For example, instead of manually identifying, capturing, and nurturing leads, automation allows you to understand prospects better while simultaneously encouraging them to convert along on their buying journey across multiple channels.

2.      More Effective Spending

As discussed above, marketing automation frees up time, and time is money. With less money tied up in labor costs, your business will be able to reinvest that towards larger ad campaigns, more hiring, or expanding your business while also giving your employees time back to spend advancing other areas or creating more content and messaging. In doing so, marketing automation helps all and guarantees a better ROI for your business.

3.      Enhanced Ability to Generate More and Better Qualified Leads

Marketing automation allows you to use multiple criteria from multiple channels to generate and identify qualified leads through a lead scoring system. This makes it incredibly easy to set target criteria, sift through potential consumers, and ensure an all-around faster and more effective sales pipeline. For example, a potential customer that clicks on an ad and then fills out a form can be added to an email marketing campaign to gauge further interest. Depending on how they interact with that campaign, can give you insight into where they stand in their buyer’s journey.

Forrester found that B2B marketers were implementing marketing automation experience a 10% increase in their sales pipeline contribution.

When implemented, successful marketing automation is invaluable for your business, reducing friction, speeding up processes –  saving both time and money, and allowing your business to nurture and sustain excellent customer relationships well after the initial lead capture. To learn more about what Vivial’s marketing automation solutions can do for your business, contact a digital marketing representative today to discuss solutions and next steps!