Authenticity has continued to be a hot topic in the past few years which makes it no surprise that 90% of consumers say it’s important when deciding which brands to support. This consumer desire makes the creation of meaningful, relevant, and authentic content essential for every business whether you are a small, local business or a social media behemoth like National Geographic.

There are plenty of success stories about the value of authentic content and how it has impacted brands. One of our favorite examples we still talk about today is from a panel featuring Martha Stewart at Social Media Week a few years ago. You might wonder how advice from a mega-successful media personality like her could be relevant to smaller businesses that aren’t (yet!) household names. But it’s important to remember that she had to start somewhere. And let’s be honest, Martha has a crazy way of always turning any lemons life throws at her into one incredible cup of lemonade.

Here are our top three tips that can help any business leverage the power of authentic content:

1. Keep Doing What You’re Already Doing

Businesses are very good at a few specific things – that’s the nature of being in business, doing or making something so well that people will buy it.

Our recommendation (and Martha’s) is simple; that thing you do well – keep doing it! Write about it. Record yourself and your team doing it. Tell stories about why you love doing what you do and then share them on social media.

Martha’s PRO TIP:

“My life is a total open book, I think. And in a way, that’s just added to the authenticity of the brand. People realize that it is an authentic brand, that I really do clean out the chicken coup, so I must know about chickens; I really do saddle the horses, so I must know how to handle a horse. All of that adds to authenticity, and it’s very important to be as authentic as you possibly can.”

Here’s a video clip that one of our team members recorded during that panel discussion a few years ago.

2. Be a Teacher

Take what you know and make it your mission to share your expertise with the world. Get in the habit of demonstrating what you know, talking about how to do it, and sharing it. You may worry that people won’t find what you do interesting, but it may be more compelling than you think. We’ve worked with many business owners (from thousands of industries), and we can tell you firsthand that you are. Few people are as interesting to listen to as those who are genuinely enthusiastic about what they do (and most business owners are!).

The added benefit of regularly sharing content about what you do is that it lends you and your business added credibility.

PRO TIP: Video is your best friend when it comes to creating authentic content. Whip out your phone and record yourself talking about a new product that just came in or how your inspection process goes.

3. Keep Showing Up

The most crucial part of creating great, authentic content is to share it continuously. People are more likely to see newly posted content because major platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, prioritize it in their feeds. Even Google is looking to see what companies are consistently posting fresh content and factor it into their determination for local search results.

The great news is that there are plenty of tools out there like Canva that are easy to use and make the production of content pretty simple.  From video to images to quick tips relevant to your industry (think tips to stay warm this winter if you’re an HVAC business—you get the gist), find a tool or platform that can help you post regularly with the click of a button.

Highpoint Dental - Social Media Example

At the end of the day, being successful on social media boils down to being authentic—in essence—being yourself. With the right message and the right tools, you’ll be connecting with new customers in no time.


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