As we welcome summer with open arms, many local businesses will be greeting a slower sales season. The days are longer, families begin planning their relaxing vacations and children finally reach summer break. But just because it’s vacation season for everyone else doesn’t mean your sales need to take one too.

Don’t leave your business hanging in the coat closet this summer! There are many ways to maintain and even increase sales, but you will want to act now. So, what can you do? Here are four marketing tips to heat up your summer sales.

#1: Turn to Texting

Summer is the season of connecting with family and friends, so why not connect with your customers too. Texting has made communicating across space and time, as easy as the blink of an eye.

Mobile messaging enables your business to send summer promos and updates to engage with all your customers at once. Did you know that 75% of consumers would like to receive offers via text and these consumers will spend more money! Give your business the opportunity this summer to increase satisfaction and sales with text message marketing.

#2: Out with the old, in with the NEW

The added time and sunlight that comes with summer, is a great opportunity to bring something new and refreshing into your marketing strategy. Some ideas include creating a new promotional video, streaming on Facebook Live or implementing a mobile-friendly website for customers to reach you on any device, anywhere. This way, it won’t matter if customers are lounging on their phones at the beach this summer or relaxing at home with their tablets, they will always be able to connect with your local business.

#3: Contests, Prizes and Winning, Oh My

You can never go wrong with promotions and contests to encourage customer engagement. Summer is a great time to introduce these fun tactics to lighten the mood and increase the interaction with your current and potential customers.

While a seasonal dip in sales is only temporary, implementing a giveaway on your Facebook or Instagram profile can pique interest in your business offerings. A popular approach is having a customer like and comment on the giveaway post for a chance to win one of your best-selling products or services.

#4: A New Side to Advertising

As summer heats up, it’s important to accelerate your social media strategy. Businesses, both large and small, know that just posting organically to social media is no longer enough. As a local business, take time to distinguish yourself from your competitors with Facebook and Instagram advertising.

As families begin traveling for vacation season, this is great opportunity to use these tools. With the ability to target potential customers given their demographics, location and behavior, summer is the ideal time to infiltrate a new group of consumers. Facebook and Instagram advertising not only let you gain a new customer base, but also establish a strong visual brand to consumers passing through your area.

As temperatures continue to rise, these tips are sure to heat up your summer sales and melt the competition away.