It is a crazy time. As we are being asked to #StayAtHome to ‘flatten the curve’ with the COVID-19 outbreak, small businesses across the U.S. are working hard to find unique solutions for providing services to their customers and bring in revenue.

To help you brainstorm ways you can continue to engage with customers during this time, we have put together a quick list of creative ideas to get you started.


1.      Go Virtual

Get creative and find ways to take your services online. Whether that is doing virtual meet-ups and consultations or offering a class online, using software like Zoom or GoToMeeting can help bridge the gap until you can meet face-to-face again.

Local gyms and fitness centers are a great example of an industry that has quickly capitalized on the functionality of real-time video sharing by bringing their members together to do at-home workouts.


2.      Take Advantage of Social Media

It is no surprise that people are turning to social media platforms to communicate with their friends, family, and the community while we are in lockdown. In fact, most

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platforms are seeing major surges in usage. Facebook, for example, has seen a 50% increase week-over-week.

Now is a great time to ramp up your business’s social presence. People are craving entertaining, light-hearted content to distract from the non-stop media and news in their feeds. So, while it is important to share useful and relevant information such as advice and company updates, try to insert a little bit of humor and have fun with it.

3.      Videos

Build up a library of helpful video content for your customers. This is especially good for retailers who are still able to sell products online while their brick-and-mortar locations are closed.

People want the ability to touch, feel, and see products. However, if they can’t do that, the next best thing is to watch someone else do it for them. Use video to demonstrate the use of a product. Talk about the feel of the materials and show them aspects of the product they wouldn’t be able to see in a regular static image.


4.      Partnership

People want to support small businesses during this pandemic. They also want to see companies helping each other and essential workers. Find ways your business can contribute to the local area. Ask your customers to partner with you in this effort by donating a percentage of purchases to your city food bank or provide one meal to the emergency room staff nearby for every meal ordered from your restaurant.

This will not only build loyalty and respect for your brand within your community but also help support your staff by bringing in revenue you might not have had otherwise.


5.      Door-to-Door Service

Delivery isn’t just for restaurants. Think outside of the box for ways you can provide customers with items they need while they stay at home. For example, drug stores can create a list of things they can drop off at people’s residences.

For companies that deliver and set up larger items within someone’s home, consider modifying your policy temporarily. Fitness equipment providers, for example, may not be able to deliver larger pieces such as treadmills. However, they can drop off smaller pieces of equipment that the consumer can move, such as spin bikes to the home’s front door or garage.


With resourcefulness and creativity, we can work together to get through to the other side of this pandemic. Looking for more advice or have local marketing questions related to the current crisis? Join us weekly in our webinar series, “Fighting to Survive: Local Marketing During the National Pandemic,” every Thursday in April at 3:00 pm EDT.