School is back in session, pumpkin everything is starting to line the shelves in grocery stores, and if you’re lucky, the nights are getting just a teeny bit cooler. That’s right—fall is in the air. And with the change in season comes one of America’s favorite pastimes—football!

Maybe you’re a fan, maybe you’re not—but either way, there’s a lot we can learn about life and business even from this sport. Here’s our top three lessons we think you need to learn from the ole’ game of pigskin.

1. Not Everyone Is A Linebacker

Whether or not you know what a linebacker does, hopefully you know that a linebacker doesn’t serve the same purpose on the field as the quarterback. The point is that when it comes to football—every team member on the field has their specialty, their purpose, and they do it. That’s what makes a successful team and hopefully generates a “W” on the scoreboard.

It’s the same in marketing. Certain people and tools fill certain roles, and for maximum success, it’s best not to blur those lines. So, your sister’s husband’s cousin’s boyfriend is a graphic designer—that doesn’t qualify him to manage your search engine marketing campaign. Or, perhaps you yourself dabbled a bit in website design a decade ago, before you started running your business. That’s great, but with the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing, you’re probably a bit out of practice by now.

To be truly successful in marketing your business, you’ve got to have the right people and the right tools in place. When you do, and when everyone knows what they’re responsible for—that’s the recipe for a winning season.

2. Field Goals Score Points Too

A perfectly placed, spiraling 60-yard pass into the end-zone effortlessly caught by a wide-open receiver is a thing of beauty—there’s no doubt about it. And what team wouldn’t want to win the game by racking up touchdown after touchdown? But, consider this. Field goals put points on the board too. At the end of the season, no one is going to look at the season record and say “Oh, but that “W” was only field goals—they didn’t score any touchdowns that game.” A win is a win.

There’s a great lesson here for our marketing efforts. Obviously, we wall want a beautiful and flawlessly executed marketing strategy. But there can be beauty in the small victories as well. Don’t be so focused on the touchdowns that you miss an opportunity for a beautiful 57-yard field goal perfectly centered between the uprights.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

So, maybe official team practices aren’t held 365 days a year. But, imagine if your running back decided to slack in the off-season, eating junk, sitting around playing video games, never hitting the gym. Chances are he’d be out of shape, winded and slow once practices started back up. This scenario may be a bit over-exaggerated but the point holds true. If football players don’t commit to staying in shape and practicing (in some form or fashion) year-round—the team performance suffers.

What can this teach us about marketing? It’s a constant cycle. There is never a time when you can afford to slack. There is never a time when you [or whomever is executing your digital marketing strategy] can afford to fall behind. Marketing is a full-time effort. When you put in the hard work consistently, you’ll see consistent progress for your business. Pull back a bit on your efforts, and you’ll start to see some “Ls” on the scoreboard—and that’s not what you want or your business needs. Commit to making the right efforts 100% of the time, and guaranteed—100% of the time, you’ll see progress and success at some level.

There’s a lot more than three lessons we can take from football and apply to digital marketing—but by now, we’re betting you get the idea. What the heck—how about one more quick one? Imagine a team trying to win a game without a coach directing their strategy. It would likely be one hot mess of a game. With the pressures of running your business, when you start thinking about marketing you may be feeling a bit like a team without a coach. If that sounds like you—don’t be afraid to hire someone to help out on the sidelines. An agency like Vivial can bring expertise and decades of experience that just may lead you to the big “W!”