When it comes to offering digital marketing solutions to your clients, the Vivial Channel Partner team will be right by your side every step of the way. And whether your customer is looking for a little help in a few areas or a full take-over of their marketing strategy, the level of involvement a marketing agency has is completely up to them. No matter the route they take, when they partner with a marketing agency like Vivial, they are investing in their future.

Benefits of Partnering With a Marketing Agency

1. Expertise

It is hard to find one person that is proficient in all areas of digital marketing. From SEO strategists to social media gurus, marketing agencies are staffed with experts specializing in various skillsets specific to digital marketing. When your clients partner with a digital marketing agency, they benefit from a compilation of their team’s expertise.

2. Efficiency & Productivity

One of the number one issues we hear from business owners about marketing is, “I don’t have the time.” A qualified agency can give them this time. Whether through tools and knowledge they need to streamline their internal marketing efforts or take over the marketing completely, partnering with a marketing agency allows the business to get back to more important activities.

3. Higher ROI

With expertise comes better results. Doing it on their own may require a lot of trial and error, which means more money spent and less return. When your clients work with a marketing agency, they get access to expert insights into what will perform best and help them meet their goals.

At Vivial, for example, we work with tens of thousands of businesses across 6,000 industries. We’ve tried it all! And we have a pretty good idea of what is going to work and what might not.

4. Data – Tracked Results

Marketing experts rely on data to determine if a program is working or not. However, with each marketing tactic comes hundreds of data points. For businesses trying to look through the data independently, it can be overwhelming and difficult to weed through the noise and know what information is actually useful. With a marketing agency, the work is done for them.

With Vivial, we provide a robust dashboard that houses real-time analytics for easy viewing throughout the month. In addition, every program is assigned an Account Coordinator that is the business’s on-demand resource. Customers meet monthly with their Account Coordinator to review results, future strategy, and recommendations.

5. Scale & Flexibility

One of the best and most important benefits of working with a marketing agency is the ability and flexibility to grow alongside the business. Whether that is adding additional solutions or increasing advertising spend, it is as simple as talking with their account team to ensure the program achieves its desired results.

Set up time with one of our Channel Managers to learn more about how Vivial’s Marketing Solutions can benefit your clients and earn you additional revenue throughout the year.