The new year is upon us and we welcome the fresh start that 2021 offers. The past 12 months have taught us a lot about our communities, our business and most importantly ourselves.

At Vivial we’ve spent this time helping local businesses navigate through unimaginable changes that will forever shift the world of digital marketing. We want to share the knowledge we’ve gained to help make each one of us better, stronger and more successful in the coming years.

In our recently published 2021 Digital Marketing Trends eBook, we dive into the following five over-arching trends that will impact every channel including social media, online advertising, organic search, website optimization and text messaging.

1. Non-Linear Customer Journeys

Customer journeys will become more complex as technology giants continue to expand, creating additional opportunities for new touchpoints.

2. Differentiation

With consumer internet usage on the rise, standing out in the sea of competition will be crucial for success.

3. Personification

4. Messaging that is relevant and unique to a user’s needs and experiences is no longer optional, it’s expected.

4. Shoppable

As a result of the 2020 pandemic, people are shopping online more than ever before. As such we’ve entered a new phase where consumers expect immediacy: see it – want it – buy it.

5. Agile

As we saw in 2020, it’s hard to predict what we will encounter in the new year. Therefore, digital marketing strategies must be built with the ability to shift, adjust, and pivot on a dime.

Download our 2021 Digital Marketing Trends eBook for examples, important statistics and actionable solutions into each of these trends. Then take our insights and apply them to your own digital marketing strategy. By doing so, you’ll be well on your way to a better, stronger, and more successful 2021.