With endless opportunities to connect and reach consumers, it may seem an unnecessary nuisance to also reach out to them by text message (SMS). However, recent consumer research points to quite the contrary.

When asked about their feelings towards receiving text messages from brands, 55% cited it as the most convenient way to receive reminders. Not only is texting a preferred method of communication for consumers, but the success of SMS campaigns is also tangible. The average open rate for SMS messaging is 99%, over double the average opening rate for email communications.

So how can your business grow their SMS subscribers list and reap the benefits? Read on for a few helpful tips to get you started.


1.  Make SMS Valuable for Consumers

To entice customers to join your SMS subscription list, make it worth their while! Consumers love when brands give them an exclusive, VIP experience. By offering first dibs on great deals or exclusive and priority access to benefits, your consumers will feel there is extra value to be had by opting-in to your brand’s SMS. In fact, businesses who offered an opt-in bonus – like a 25% discount for new subscribers – were able to grow their SMS lists 520% faster.

2.  Keep SMS Messages Short and Clear

90% of SMS messages are opened in under three minutes, and typically contain less than three text lines. Consumers don’t want to receive an influx of long, wordy, non-timely texts, so it’s essential to keep the natural cadence of texting in mind when crafting your SMS messages. Keep SMS messages simple, short, and on a need-to-know basis, so consumers don’t start to dread your notifications.

3.  Use Keyword Opt-In

It’s crucial to make signing up a breeze, and using a keyword opt-in lets you do that. Keyword opt-in allows potential subscribers to sign up by simply texting a specific keyword to a number provided by your business. For example, a restaurant’s SMS advertisement could read – “to receive special offers and our most up to date information sent straight to your mobile phone, text ‘VIP’ to 45434”. Place this messaging around checkout points, on social media accounts, and at the bottom of emails and receipts to make sure you capture every consumer!

4.  Cross-Promote Access to Opt-In Across Social

Your brand likely has an established following across your social media sites, so why not leverage those existing connections for your SMS lists as well? By offering an “opt-in” feature for SMS messaging across your social channels – with either a form to fill out or a keyword opt-in – you will give consumers a super convenient way to subscribe to your list, free of any entry barriers or extra steps.

Pro-Tip: This is an excellent opportunity to use an exclusive opt-in offer, as we discussed above!

5.  Add a Website Sign Up Option

Imagine if you could easily give every website visitor the option to join your SMS list quickly? Great news – you can! Displaying a pop-up form to opt-in to SMS messaging when a user visits your site is a great way to capture consumers who are already interested in your brand. You can also add your keyword opt-in message at the bottom of your web page or suggest it to customers when using your chat feature.

6.  Run Giveaways Via SMS

There’s nothing buyers love more than a sweet giveaway, making it enticing for them to subscribe to your business’s SMS campaign! Running a giveaway is a fast way to boost your subscriber numbers, and is also the perfect opportunity to utilize and leverage a business partnership! For example, a hair salon could offer a hair care prize basket packed with goodies from brands they use in their salon to a few lucky subscribers.


SMS messaging is one of the best, most personal ways to access your customers quickly and effectively. For more help on how to brand your business and grow your following, reach out to a Vivial digital media specialist today!