The holiday season is upon us. With the average American spending over $700 on gifts each year, every brand is ramping up its marketing strategies to ensure they are more visible than ever. And with 21% of consumers saying they are more likely to buy from brands that they can reach on social media, it should be an area you don’t ignore. While there are many ways to do this, the best methods are fun, interactive, and drive conversation.

Here are six holiday-inspired, activities you can utilize to boost your social engagement:

1. Photo Contest

have a photo contest to increase social engagement during the holidays

Who doesn’t want to share a picture of their epic ugly Christmas sweater or they cute pup dawning their new holiday outfit on Facebook or Instagram? Run a photo competition with your social followers.

Tip: Want to make it easy? Utilize a platform like Woobox to run the contest for you.

2. Fill in the Blank

Prompt your followers with fun holiday phrases like “All I want for Christmas is _________” or “My favorite holiday movie quote is ________.” Fill-in-the-blank status updates receive 182% more engagement than other kinds of status updates.

3. Caption This

Use "caption this" images on social to increase engagement

Get your office involved in this one! Have a group or staff member take a goofy, holiday-themed photo. Then post it to social and ask your audience for a funny caption to go along with it – best caption wins. Have your staff pick the winner and give them a special prize. Be sure to incorporate hashtags into your posts. #holidays or #holidayseason or #holidaygiveaway to name a few.

4. Giveaway

Did you know that 64% of Facebook users say they are likely to share a link to a holiday contest or giveaway? Utilized giveaways as a way to engage not only your current following but their friends and family too.

How they enter can be as simple as commenting on a post, or you can offer multiple ways to earn more entries.

Social Giveaway Entry Ideas

  • Leave a comment.
  • Tag a friend.
  • Share the post.
  • Leave a picture in the comments.

5. Facebook Live

Host a virtual holiday party, Q&A session, or workshop. Invite your social followers and ask your employees to share it with their friends and family. During the event, you can do giveaways and play games. Then afterward, you can send them a discount or special offer for coming. Encourage virtual guests to enroll in your text messaging campaign and you can offer discounts or special offers on-going.

6. Stickers on Instagram

stickers on instagram

Like Facebook Live, Instagram stories are a great way to touch base with your fan base. Add stickers to your story photos and videos to get viewers involved.

Sticker Types

  • Create a Quiz question and fun answers options to choose from. Viewers can vote to find out what the correct answer is and how others voted.
  • Start a Countdown to your big sale or another event. When tapped, Instagram will set up a reminder notification.
  • Flip the script and have your followers ask you Then you can go back and video your answers.
  • Get an idea for how your fans are feeling about something by incorporating an Emoji Slider or Poll.

So, get out there and engage with your social following this holiday season! Need help with your social strategy for 2020? Vivial’s social media management program will help you grow your audience and build your social community. Contact us today to learn more!