Growing your Facebook presence can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! With 190 million active users in the U.S., Facebook is ripe with opportunities to expand your brand’s reach. Follow these simple tips and watch your Facebook likes flood in!

1.     Have a Complete and Engaging Page

Make sure your page is professional, up-to-date, and representative of your brand’s personality. Ensure business hours, contact avenues, location, and other pertinent information is accurate, and use a fun, brand-centered profile picture and cover image to add to the page cohesion.

2.     Interact With Your Audience

Social media users love when their favorite brands are accessible and engaged with them online. By asking thought-provoking questions in your posts, looking for consumer feedback, or responding to follower’s comments, you will boost page interaction while building audience trust. A win-win!

3.     Utilize Facebook’s Invite Feature

Facebook’s invite feature allows you to see if someone who likes your post also likes your page. If they don’t, a button will show up next to their name, allowing you to invite them to like your page. The more well-liked your business page is, the more well-known and trustworthy your brand will appear.

4.     Create a Lookalike Audience

By analyzing data and pulling out commonalities from your current audience, Facebook’s lead feature produces a lookalike audience composed of users with similar interests – who haven’t yet liked your page. This provides you with a great group to target when boosting posts or running page like ads using content that was already successful with your current audience, so no heavy lifting on your part!

5.     Target New Audience Based on Interests

By using Facebook audience insights, you can easily see what common interests your current following has. You can use the information to formulate a strategic and targeted Facebook marketing campaign aimed specifically towards attracting others with similar interests increasing the likelihood they will convert.

6.     Post Owned Content Natively

Depending on what your goal is for that a specific piece of content, an easy tip to boosting page likes is by taking advantage of owned content that is specific for Facebook that you can directly host on your social media page. For example, if you have a video you want to share, consider uploading the video directly to your Facebook page rather than sharing a link to the video on YouTube. This way, they aren’t redirected to another page.

7.     Use a Facebook Like Ad Campaign

Similarly to the invite feature, Facebook allows you to run Page Like Ad campaigns on your prospective audience’s feed, allowing them to like your page without even having to visit it! This makes it fast and straightforward for a new user to subscribe to your content without ever leaving their newsfeed.

As you’ll see, when you put these hacks to the test, growing your Facebook page likes has never been easier. Want help improving and managing your social presence? We can help!