At Vivial, our business is making sure your business thrives. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. We care about your business. We care about your success. So we make it our job to stay on the forefront of not only the emerging technologies you need to help your business grow—but keep up to date on the state of American business in general.

Today, President of the US Chamber, Tom Donahue addressed the State of American Business in 2018. Touching on a variety of topics from tax reform to immigration policy—there were a few key points we felt resonate for businesses of all kinds, all sizes, all communities, all industries.

Introducing Tom Donahue was Brian Steorts, Founder and CEO of Flags of Valor. He set the tone for not only Donahue’s speech, but for American business in 2018 when he said, “American business is picking up steam thanks to a great 2017. In 2018, it’s time to hit the throttle.”

Following those lines, Donahue focused on the “deep and wide” strength of the US economy, an economy, he said, that is “first and foremost about people.” He reiterated the importance of the American people again later when he said, “growth doesn’t happen without people.” But, while our economy is built on people—it’s built on people facing a new time in business.

“Families and workers are living in a time of rapid change and disruption,” he said. Addressing the key driving factors in that change, Donahue placed a major emphasis on the role of technology. “Technology must be embraced as the growth driver and game changer it is.” He continued, “technological advancement is an opportunity, not a threat.”

What is a threat to business, according to Donahue? Not having the resources to grow. There is a significant lack of capital, he said, available to small and main street businesses. In summing up the state of American Business in 2018, he kept it simple, “strong but determined to grow stronger.”

No matter the stance of the US Chamber on policy, immigration, tax codes or infrastructure, one thing remains certain—technological advancements, people and the challenge of accessing resources are all key influencers in the state of American local businesses in 2018. So, at Vivial—we’re committing to addressing these influences.

We’re committing to bringing you the best online marketing technologies to grow your business. We’re committing to continued advancements in these technologies to make sure you have the latest and greatest available to you. We’re committing to providing you with these technologies, and the service that goes with them at prices that are affordable and sustainable. Because we know the challenges you face and the resource constraints you deal with.

So—let’s work together to make your business great in 2018. Let’s be strong, but grow stronger. Let’s hit the throttle.

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