There are many different aspects of digital marketing that business owners should use to grow their business online — and one of the easiest and most powerful ways is to claiming their Yelp for Business listing.

Yelp for Business owners benefit from:

  • Reinforcing your business’s SEO
  • Give you another place where your business’s information (name, address and phone number) are listed
  • Boost the social proof of your business (via customer reviews)
  • Receive valuable feedback, opinions and reviews from customers

Getting started with your Yelp for Business listing can easily be accomplished in 15 minutes.

Claim your Yelp for Business listing

Step #1: Visit the Yelp for Business Owners page and click “Claim my business.”
Claim your Yelp for Business Listing

Step #2: Next, you’ll be taken to a page where you can search for your business. Type your business name into the search bar.
Yelp for business search

There are three different scenarios that can occur:

  1. No Business Listed: If Yelp doesn’t recognize your business as “legitimate,” you can click “Add your business to Yelp” on the bottom of the page.
  2. Already Unlocked: If your business appears and it says that it is already unlocked, then someone has already claimed your business. You can still gain control of it, but you will just have a few extra steps.
  3. Unlock: Unlock your business’s Yelp page by clicking “unlock.” You will be able to unlock the page by creating a Yelp login (first and last name, email address,  password and agreeing to the Yelp terms of service).


Step #3 (optional): If you need to add your business to Yelp, you will be taken to a screen where you can fill in all of your information.

Yelp will ask you what type of business you’re trying to add (education, professional services, restaurants, active life, etc.), your email address, the address of your business, business hours and web address. Then click “add” and you will receive a confirmation email. Once your email is confirmed, Yelp will look at your submission and get back to you before you can begin optimizing and making changes to your account.

Once your email is confirmed, Yelp will look at your application and get back to you before you can begin optimizing and making changes to your account.
Yelp for Business creating a listing

What if your business is already claimed?

To override a business that has already been claimed, all you need is a valid phone number. If the business page you are looking to claim already has a phone number and the “Claim this business” or “Work here? Claim this business” buttons don’t appear then your Yelp for Business page has already been claimed by someone at your company.

Ask around and see if anyone has a Yelp business login. Yelp will not divulge the name of the person who claimed the page due to privacy concerns, but most of the time all it takes is a quick chat with your team to find the Yelp login credentials.

If you want access to the account (in addition to the person who claimed the Yelp business page), the original account holder can contact Yelp to add additional users to use an existing business account. Franchisees in particular, may run into this problem and can easily resolve the situation by having two users on the business account.

If you have taken all these steps and still can’t claim your business’s page, you can always contact Yelp’s Support team and work with them to resolve the issue.

Optimize your Yelp for Business listing

To get the most out of your Yelp for Business listing, you will want to optimize the page, making it appealing to potential customers and easily searchable.


Whenever you do anything online for your business, one of the best things you can do is fill out all the necessary information from the get-go. You have already set aside time to claim your Yelp for Business account — the information Yelp is asking you for will be used to provide potential customers with all the details detail they need to take an action. The more information you provide Yelp about your business, the more customers you open yourself up to.

Yelp asks business owners for the following information:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Web address
  • Hours
  • Categories (diner, children’s boutique, accountant, pediatrician)
  • Email address (this will remain private)


No matter what category of business you have, providing photos will make your Yelp for Business profile more esthetically pleasing and increase engagement with your page.

Need ideas?

  • A photo of your storefront
  • Pictures from inside your location
  •  Product shots
  • A group shot of you and your team (inside your store)

Show potential customer’s what your business has to offer them!

In the example below, Eye Care Specialists PC includes images of their office, giving potential customers a preview of where they will be coming if they make an appointment with them.
Yelp for Business photosYelp for Business, optimizing with photos


Responding to Yelp reviews shows both potential and existing customers that you care about your reputation and making them happy — and that you are always looking to improve their experience!
Yelp for business review response formula

There are three types of reviews:

  1. Positive
  2. Moderate
  3. Negative

You should answer all three types with the same formula:

  1. Acknowledge the review
  2. Take the conversation offline
  3. Resolve the case

To find out more about review responses and continued management of your page, check out our article Managing Yelp Reviews.

Generate more Yelp reviews

Once you’ve claimed your Yelp for Business listing, your page will have the most impact if it is full of positive reviews. Yelp disapproves of asking for reviews and instead wants them to appear organically (never pay for reviews, this will put you at risk of losing control of your listing).

However, there are a few ways you can encourage your customers to leave reviews:

  • Share on social: let your followers know that you have a new Yelp page and welcome reviews from any customers willing to share their experience(s)
  • Email signature: include a link to your Yelp page
  • Signage: let your customers know your business is on Yelp and would like reviews by putting up signs in your business
  • Website widget: add a review widget on your website– this will share Yelp reviews directly on your website and may prompt customers to share their experience as well
  • Newsletter: in your next email to customers, share that you are now on Yelp

The more visible your page is to customers, they more likely they will take the steps to leave you feedback about your service.

Yelp for Business is a great way for your local business to gain exposure online for free and with little effort. Between setting up your account and managing Yelp reviews, you can expect about 5 minutes out of every week to be about free customer feedback from the site.

Take the next step for your business and claim your Yelp for Business listing today!