The first day of April. April Fool’s Day. It comes along each year, and brings with it an onslaught of pranks, jokes and fake news. So, on this April Fool’s, we thought it might be a good time to review how to connect authentically with your customers, and why it’s so critical that you do.

The “Why”

Think back to a time before social media, before “fake news,” before websites and blogs. (Yes, it feels like forever ago). In those days, businesses connected with consumers in a few key ways: word-of-mouth, print, radio and television. The “digital noise” was not yet bombarding consumers with competing messages.

These days, consumers are barraged with as many as 4,000 ads or messages per day. Cutting through that clutter requires an authentic approach. Consumers are fine-tuning their ability to pick out the fraudulent, deceitful and non-authentic messages. Trying to fool customers with anything less than authentic, useful content, messaging or offers will do more to damage your connection with consumers than it will to build connections. Consumers are becoming inherently suspicious of businesses, and it’s your job to build, grow and maintain that trust through authenticity.

The “How”

Ok, so what do we mean by being authentic, and how do you connect authentically with your customers—both current and potential? Put simply, stick to what you know. No one knows your business and your products and services better than you. Dazzle your customers with your expert knowledge. Custom content on your website, blog or social media profile will position you as the leading expert in your industry and set you apart from the competition. In addition, it shows that you’re interested in providing value to customers—not just get their money.

Auto repair shop? Post a quick video on Facebook or Instagram showing how to change a tire or check your oil? Landscaper? Post an explainer article on your blog about the best time of day to water your lawn. Maybe you’re a tax accountant and could share the top 3 mistakes most people make when filing their taxes. None of these may lead directly to a sale, but they allow you to connect with current and potential customers in an authentic and meaningful way. So, next time they have a question or need a product or service you offer, they’re going to call you because they know you’re an expert, and they trust you.

Trust is key. There’s an old saying that trust is easy to break and impossible to repair. So, as this April Fool’s day comes and goes, keep in mind the importance of being authentic and trustworthy with your customers.

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