No matter what industry you’re in, everyone is talking about content marketing. Why? Because every business wants to expand its reach, improve its marketing strategies, and capitalize on the tremendous power of content marketing campaigns. However, there are many misconceptions floating around about how content marketing should be handled. To help your business wade through the noise and gain an understanding of how to utilize content marketing to your advantage, we’re breaking down some of the most common misconceptions.

4 Common Content Marketing Myths Debunked

EXPECTATION: You Should be Making Amazing Content Every Time

REALITY: While we all strive for perfection and set our goals high, producing amazing content is hard. And it isn’t always feasible to assume your business can or will create perfect, high-quality content day in and day out, especially when factoring in time constraints, workloads, and the constant shifts in the world around us. Instead, try focusing on being consistent and informative instead. Develop well-researched content that provides value to your current and potential customers.

EXPECTATION: More Content is Better

REALITY: While yes, the more content you have, the more opportunity for your business to be seen online. However, if the quality and substance aren’t there, your content will most likely be overlooked and discarded by viewers. Resulting in it being pushed to the bottom of the pile by most algorithms. That is why it is better to focus on fewer pieces while speaking directly to your potential customer’s needs, wants and emotions. By doing so, you will see higher engagement, which increases your overall reach, rankings in organic search results, and higher conversions.

EXPECTATION: Everyone Will Share Your Content

REALITY: All it takes is one funny video or one great blog post for your business to go viral, right? Wrong! Although it may seem simple—you post great content, all your followers instantly share it, and boom, you’ve gone viral—the reality is, sadly, it’s not that easy. It takes careful planning and strategy for your content to get shared or reposted onto new platforms. To start, actively promote content to your audience by putting ad dollars behind it, sharing it in relevant community groups, and pushing it directly to your target audience with email and SMS marketing.

EXPECTATION: Content Marketing Can Drive Big Revenue

REALITY: Yes, but often indirectly, and it is only one piece of a bigger strategy that is the true revenue builder. When putting together a digital marketing strategy, you are essentially creating a web of touchpoints that support one another with the goal of moving a prospect from the top of the funnel to the bottom, resulting in a sale.  That being said, there are many tactics you can use within your content pieces to increase the likelihood of converting right then and there, such as strong CTAs.


While recognizing the misconceptions in content marketing can certainly help get your business started, creating high-quality content can still be stressful and time-consuming, especially for local businesses. Agencies such as Vivial take the stress of content creation off your plate by doing the work for you! At Vivial we’ll handle not only the creation of great content, but the distribution and promotion of the content across multiple channels. Contact Vivial today to get started on your content marketing journey!