SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your business’ online content to be more highly favored by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. SEO centers around boosting your site’s rankings in search engine results to grow your site’s unpaid, organic traffic – resulting in more leads and increased revenue.

While SEO sounds simple and fast, a good and successful SEO campaign can be challenging to undertake. Constant and sustained efforts are essential, and even yet, results can be slow to manifest. To help you understand and manage a successful SEO strategy for your business, we’re breaking down some of the most common SEO misconceptions.


4 Common SEO Expectations Debunked


EXPECTATION: Results are Fast

False! Many businesses take on SEO strategies hoping to see overnight results, but immediate results are simply unattainable due to their complex nature. In fact, most experts agree that six months of sustained SEO effort is required before any meaningful results can be achieved – however, this can vary depending on the industry.

REALITY: The truth is that SEO is a long-term investment, but it’s a worthwhile one.


EXPECTATION: SEO is a Short-Term Solution

Nope! SEO is not a quick or temporary fix. Like we mentioned above, SEO requires a conscious and sustained effort over months to yield results. Building trust and credibility with search engines is a long endeavor and can’t be turned on or off at the drop of a hat. Even though an uptick in metrics can occur after a few months, results won’t continue if you halt your efforts. This holds true even after you’ve obtained your ideal ranking. If you stop your SEO strategies, your rankings will be negatively impacted.

REALITY: Stopping and restarting SEO efforts every few weeks or months won’t yield the results you’re looking for; a consistent, sustained effort is required.


EXPECTATION: Increased Traffic Automatically Leads to Increased Sales

Eventually. Even though successful SEO strategies increase organic traffic to your site, this doesn’t immediately result in more sales. Furthermore, once your strategy has had time to build up organic traffic, you must take advantage of it and give them the direction and nurturing they need to convert. Good lead nurturing is required to reap the benefits of SEO truly.

REALITY: While SEO can increase your site’s organic traffic, it’s up to your business to nurture, capture, and convert this new traffic into leads and eventual sales.


EXPECTATION: SEO will Guarantee a First Page Ranking

Not Always. Unfortunately, there is never a guarantee that strong SEO will result in a first page ranking for your business. Even the most tried and true SEO strategies aren’t foolproof in achieving that elusive first-page rank. Competitive keywords, broad goals, or crowded industry spaces can make ranking high a challenge, even with excellent SEO. Adjusting your business’s goals and expectations and zeroing in on less competitive keywords is a great starting point, along with keeping up your sustained SEO efforts like mentioned above.

REALITY: While a strong SEO strategy can certainly yield great results, there is never a guarantee of a number one or first-page ranking with any search engine.


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