Okay—so maybe you know you need to add Facebook to your marketing mix. But we’re willing to bet you’re not quite sure where to start. Or, it could be that like many others in your position, you know what you need to do, you know what you want to do—you just don’t have the time to do it! If you fall into any of these buckets, we’ve got some great news.

Say Goodbye to the Complexities of Facebook Business Manager

Earlier this week, we here at Vivial announced an exciting new addition to our marketing platform product. We’ve added the ability to manage Facebook advertising right from within our platform. Exciting, right? Maybe we need to add a little sizzle to pique your interest. Try this. Not only does this new addition mean there’s no more navigating through the world of Facebook Business Manager (the platform through which Facebook ads are managed), but it also means our expert Social Media Account Managers can manage the whole process for you! Now we have your attention.

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Use Facebook

You see, having a Facebook presence is a great start. Posting custom content is even better. But did you know just how powerful Facebook can be for your business if utilized fully? According to Media Tech Blog, 70% of consumer businesses have acquired a customer through Facebook. And with 1.7 billion active users on Facebook, that’s a treasure trove of potential customers. How can you afford not to use Facebook as a marketing tool?

Chances are, you’ve seen “sponsored ads” in your own news feed on Facebook. News organizations, boutique clothing stores, medical practices and local businesses across the nation are using this functionality as a way to get more life out of the content they’re posting. And that’s what we’re talking about with this new Vivial product feature—creating those ads that will get things you’re already posting in front of thousands more eyeballs. Whether you want users in your area to know about a special offer you’ve got running, an upcoming sale, a community event you’re participating in, a location change, holiday hours, etc. these sponsored ads are a great way to get your message in front of a bigger, yet still relevant audience.

In fact—with Facebook advertising, our current customers have seen as much as 10 times greater exposure! That’s 10 times the eyeballs seeing your business. 10 times the current and potential customers you can get your message in front of. That’s powerful stuff! Do we have you convinced yet? Maybe you want to know more about what all our platform can do, and how the addition of Facebook advertising just puts icing on the cake.

Want Eyeballs on Your Content? First You Need to Create It – Here’s How

Well, for starters, our platform is all about content. When you’re running your business, taking the time to write tons of custom content every month probably gets pushed to the back burner. With our platform product, we’ll write you a minimum of one original article each month. That’s the easy part. Then, we put that content to work for you. We’ll get it shared on major social media platforms, send it to your customers via social media, and track the results of it all in a simple, easy to read dashboard. And while all that’s going on—we’re also ensuring that all your business information across the entire digital universe is correct, and providing you with a quick and easy way to post updates to social media and monitor online reviews! Whew—we’re tired just talking about all that!

Get More Mileage Out of What You’re Already Creating

Now imagine taking that content we’re producing and sharing to social media, and extending the reach even further on Facebook! It’s like taking what we already do for you and giving it a jolt of caffeine. Put simply, we get more mileage out of what we’re already creating for you. Consider this, Herb Geddes Fence Co. saw huge results by adding Facebook advertising to their Vivial Marketing Platform product. One particular piece of content we wrote for them and shared on Facebook had been seen by a little shy of 800 people in a month. Not bad. Then we boosted that post with Facebook advertising. Boom—8,000 people saw it. Who wouldn’t want 16,000 more eyeballs on their business?

The really good news? Those thousands of extra people seeing your content—they’re only the people you really want to see your content. It’s not like shooting darts in the dark, hoping someone relevant to your business sees it. After all, if you’re a beauty shop in Poughkeepsie, you don’t really care about a 90-year-old man in Portland knowing about your business. Our Facebook product allows you to target just the audience relevant to you. Target by age, gender, location, and interest—and make sure the right audience is seeing what you have to offer.

Digital Marketing is Complex – Find Someone Who Get’s It

Have we made our point? Bottom line—you want more potential customers exposed to your business. Dancing in the street outside your business to attract attention isn’t practical—not to mention it’s embarrassing. Putting your message on Facebook and targeting it to just the people who matter to you is the next best thing. And we really want to be a part of that—the Facebook targeting, not the dancing in the street. We’re kind of passionate about helping small businesses—probably because we’ve spent the past 100 years working with them. No joke—100 years.

This new development is just the latest in a series of enhancements we’re making to our products to make sure local businesses like yours have the chance to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing. We believe in giving everyone a chance to play in the big league. By taking the complexity out of digital marketing and offering services at a price point all businesses can handle—we’re leveling the playing field. It’s what we do.

So that’s the exciting news. If you’re the type who loves reading official documents, you can check out our official press release. But if you’re really just more interested in a great deal (who isn’t?) you might want to find out about special offers on this new product that we have going on for a limited time.