As local businesses continue to recover from the pandemic and prepare for 2021, bringing in new customers is a top priority for many.  At Vivial we often talk about social media’s value and its ability to build brand awareness and drive engagement with your target audience. But did you know that Facebook Ads are also an excellent tool for increasing conversions and bringing in new leads through your website?

In our recent Masterclass webinar, we laid out several recommendations to increase your landing page conversions when using the Facebook Ad conversion objective. But let’s take a step back and discuss exactly what a conversion ad is and share specific examples of how conversion ads can be used for local businesses across various industries.

What is a Conversion Ad Objective?

The goal of a conversion ad is to drive a set action. This action can take place on your website, app, messenger, or WhatsApp.

Can Actions on Your Website Be Tracked as Conversions?

Yes! There are endless possibilities as to what can constitute a conversion action on your website. It all simply depends on the goal you are trying to achieve.

How Does Facebook Track Conversion Actions on Your Website?

Queue the Facebook pixel

Facebook’s pixel is a piece of code that you install on your website that lets you measure, optimize, and build audiences for your Facebook Ad campaigns.

To set up conversion tracking, you need to first set up Facebook Business Manager. Once complete, you will have the ability to generate your pixel tracking code and identifying actions you want to track in the Events Manager.

Common Conversion Actions

Three of the most frequently used conversion actions are form fills, purchase completion, and event registration. Here are a few examples:


Using a form fill as a conversion action is great for any business with a product or service that requires a conversation first.

  • Home Service: Service Estimates
  • Health Care: New Patient Appointment Requests
  • Restaurants: Event Catering Requests
  • Fitness: New Membership or Training Requests
  • Salon: Appointment Request


Using a purchase as a conversion action is ideal for businesses that have eCommerce options on their website.

  • Home Services: Furnace Filter Subscription
  • Fitness: Bootcamp Sign-Up
  • Restaurants: Gift Cards
  • Retail: Discounted Home Lighting
  • Salon: Haircare Products


While you may think of an event registration as a form fill, many companies use 3rd party platforms to manage the event attendees.

If the platform gives you the option to forward users after completing the registration to a webpage of your choice, it can be re-directed to a “thank you for registering” landing page. Visiting that unique URL can then be tracked as an event with Facebook Pixel.

  • Home Service: Home Repair for First Time Homeowner Class
  • Restaurant: Closed Charity Event
  • Fitness: Lifting Seminar
  • Salon: Dad’s with Daughter’s 101: How to Braid Hair Class


We know this can be a lot of information to take in. That is where we can help! Contact our Digital Experts to discuss ways your business can benefit from Facebook Advertising.