Google Glossary

By: Catherine Schutten

You don’t have to be a C++ programmer, Silicon Valley insider or AdWords expert to speak the language of Google fluently.

In fact, depending on how familiar you are with Google’s online marketing products, such as AdWords or Google+, you probably know a few of the terms and phrases in Google’s vernacular. However, even a local business well-versed in Google’s offerings will periodically come across a word that they would like to look up in a Google dictionary.

To save you time — and having to translate Google into local business — we wrote a Google Glossary.

Created specifically for small and local businesses that use online marketing, the Google Glossary is a comprehensive reference tool that you can use when using any Google product or service.

Download your free copy of Google Glossary and you’ll always understand what the tech giant is trying to tell your local business — no software engineering knowledge required.