If you answered two or fewer, you need to keep reading! Why? Because whether you run a one-person, local company or a 200+ employee national organization, social media must be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

But why do you need to be on more than 2 social media networks – isn’t Facebook and Twitter enough? Not anymore!

Facebook remains the number one social media platform. It has the power of bringing people together and building connections. In fact, it’s estimated that 87% of US marketers will use Facebook for social media marketing in 2019. But, did you know that 73% will use Instagram, 34% will use Pinterest, and 30% will use Snapchat.

Facebook reaches more age groups than any other platform and should be included in every strategy. But for some businesses, expanding beyond these two platforms is also a necessity.

Let’s take a closer look …

Social media platforms offer different advantages

It’s no secret that Facebook is the main platform for social media due to the size and scale it offers. Facebook drove 80% of all US social referral to retail sites in Q1 of 2019. Facebook is a wise choice when dipping your toes into social media.

While Facebook reaches the largest audience, Instagram is used greatly for targeting specific groups, especially younger demographics. As aesthetics are becoming a more popular tactic, lifestyle brands are making a bigger imprint on Instagram, using it for their main social media. Also, Instagram has improved its social ecommerce options and has even included “checkout” where you can purchase straight from the app.

Pinterest is growing and used more for shopping

Pinterest can’t be left off the list. Pinterest users are increasing every year. And it is the best social media network for mothers – one of the largest purchasing power demographics out there. Pinterest’s platform reaches 80% of US mothers and Pinterest households spend 29% more than the average household. And a survey recent revealed that 47% of social media users saw Pinterest as a network for discovering and buying products. This is a big deal for businesses that want to appeal to the consumer’s eye!

Social media advertising allows your business to connect to customers

When it comes to tailored posts and ads for your business, it may get confusing on how to target certain customers across the many social platforms. But don’t worry, Vivial can help!

Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers and give them content that they want to see. In fact, 78% of consumers believe that businesses providing custom content are interested in building good relationships. This helps your business form long term relationships with customers and guide your way to a successful future.

Whatever type of business you have, your customers are on social media. The number of users that are active on social networks are increasing every year. If you’re ready to boost your presence on social media give Vivial a call or learn more about our social media and Facebook Advertising tools. Just be prepared for the exponential growth you’ll achieve!