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Several tactics can boost your business’s attractiveness. For example, you can remodel your location, retrain your employees, even reengineer your entire business—or you can simply attract the customer who likes you just the way you are.

Adjusting your message for this customer is easier than most business owners realize. You don’t need a million-dollar investment. A little thought and preparation will arm you perfectly.

Let’s walk through the topic to see if you agree.

Step 1:  Identify Customer Types

When consumers seek products/services, they typically fall into niched categories. The table below illustrates these common customer types.

First, determine the customer type(s) you want or need to attract by reviewing their desires/behaviors in the “Who They Are” column. Then learn what matters most in the “What They Want” section.

Step 2:  Attract these Customers with Your Message

Keep in mind that your advertising must contain all the information below in order to establish your business’s brand.

  • Logo
  • Brand messaging
  • Location/service area
  • Contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address, website, social media outlets, etc.)
  • Education, authorizations and accreditations
  • Guarantees and assurances of a job well done
  • Any special/unique products or services
  • Images and explanations of your products/services

However, each customer type responds to specific copy points (noted in the “How to Attract Them” column). Prioritize these elements to capture your customer type’s attention.

Step 3:  Attract these Customers to Your Business during Searches

Lastly, and most importantly, be found where these customers conduct searches.

Only a few advertising outlets provide consumers with a compressive database of local businesses along with the pertinent details they need in order to make a decision. These outlets include search engines, online directory sites and of course the tried and true Yellow Pages directory.

Attract your customer type(s) by featuring your business’s tailored message on all of these platforms.

Customer Type

Who They Are

What They  Want

How to Attract Them

  • New to the area
  • Need new service providers
  • Convenient location/service area
  • Reliability
  • Prioritize ad location/placements for maximum visibility
  • Feature your location prominently to showcase convenience
Emergency Buyers
  • Need quick resolution for their issue(s)
  • Assurances
  • Guarantees
  • Follow through
  • Highlight contact information, hours of operation, and assurances in service timeframes
Infrequent Purchases
  • Purchase particular products/services occasionally, altering their typical shopping patterns
  • Yearn for more information on item/service
  • Illustrations and explanations
  • Special/unique products or services
  • Provide images/details of the product/service’s features and benefits
  • Point out the unique features that set your product/service a part from the competition
Comparison Shoppers
  • Only purchase when they have found the best offer (price or quality)
  • Must research various resources (online and in stores) to secure their desired deal
  • Education, authorization and accreditations
  • Special/unique products or services
  • Detail the benefits of purchasing from your company
  • Showcase any authorizations, accreditations or uniqueness
  • Remember, quality can be just as important as price
Dissatisfied Consumers
  • Want a different experience due to unknown costs, poor quality, bad service, etc.
  • Assurances
  • Guarantees
  • Follow through
  • Feature assurances and guarantees offered to provide a sense of security
  • Showcase why the customer will be satisfied with your business
Traveling Public
  • Transients who need products/services (similar to newcomers)
  • Convenient location/service area
  • Reliability
  • Prioritize ad location/placements for maximum visibility
  • Showcase your location prominently to convey convenience

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