Over 60 million businesses have a Facebook page. Is yours one of them? Hopefully it is. But if you’re like many local businesses, you probably don’t have a following that’s quite as robust as you were hoping for when you first created your Facebook page. It may be a challenge, but it is certainly important to grow your Facebook following. A third of Facebook’s 2 billion users engage with businesses regularly on the network. That’s a huge pool of potential followers for your business. And followers = potential customers!

So, how do you grow your following? First, let’s take a look at a couple of the primary reasons users engage with businesses on Facebook, then we’ll talk about how you can capitalize on those reasons to attract new followers to your page.

People are on Facebook looking for best offers and deals

According to a report by Kentico Digital, 40% of users who follow a business on Facebook do so because they want to receive special offers or deals. Makes sense, right? In this day and age when consumers are researching and/or purchasing online, they’re always looking for the best deal. Coupon clipping has even become digital these days. And, since 74% of consumers turn to social media when making purchase decisions, it makes sense that they’d be looking to your Facebook page for deals and special offers.

Make sure you’re being consistent about your presence and activity on your Facebook page. Current deals and offers relevant to the season will attract new followers. Giveaways, contests or incentive-based offers work well to get your current followers to share your posts with their followers. Consider offering an additional percentage off your goods or services for those who share your post, etc. Anything that gets your current following working as guerilla marketers for your business is sure to give you a boost in followers.

Customer service happens on social now – whether we want it to or not

Customer service is another reason consumers follow your business on social media. Frequently, they’ll visit your page to ask questions about your business, clarify hours and location, or report good or bad experiences they’ve had with your business. The latter is of particular importance. When customers are exceptionally pleased or displeased, they work hard to share their thoughts publicly—and Facebook is a great platform to do so.

Make sure you’re consistently monitoring your page for feedback from customers and respond to it immediately. Prompt responses to both good and bad reviews and feedback shows both current and potential followers that you’re invested in providing excellent customer service. And nothing draws more loyalty or new attention than a customer-first approach.

Custom content tailored to your audience is more valuable to them

Content is a key way of creating value for the customer and being active on your Facebook page—try out providing some custom content. Short informational articles that provide information or value to current and potential customers are like gold on social media! They position your business as an expert in your field, and serve to further the notion that you’re interested in developing a valuable relationship with your customers. In fact, 78% of consumers believe that businesses providing custom content are interested in building good relationships. So, write that blog post and share it on your Facebook page—then watch the magic happen.

Even the best business page needs a little push

Of course, there remains the challenge of how to increase the visibility of what you’re posting on your Facebook business page. Often, small businesses will post content on their Facebook page and become dismayed when they find that content is viewed by only a small portion of their already meagre following. How can you combat this and get more eyeballs on your content, thereby increasing your chances of acquiring more followers? Facebook Advertising.

Put really, really simply, Facebook Advertising allows you to take a certain post (or posts) and apply advertising dollars to them to put that post in the newsfeed of a relevant audience you target by age, gender, location and interest. Much like paid ads in Google, you can limit your budget so spending doesn’t get out of control. This is an extremely effective tool at increasing both the exposure of your content and generating more engagements with that content, including new page likes.

The downside is that managing everything we’ve talked about in this article can be time consuming and at times, downright confusing. The upside—Vivial has tools and services to manage it all for you—and in an incredibly affordable way. So, if you’re ready to really boost your presence on Facebook, give us a call or learn more about our social media and Facebook Advertising tools. Just be prepared for the exponential growth you’ll achieve!

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