When it comes to securing and retaining potential leads, no metric is more important to track and monitor than the conversion rate for landing pages used in your digital marketing campaigns.

What is a Landing Page Conversion Rate?

A landing page conversion rate is the percentage of landing page viewers that successfully complete a specified event, such as making a purchase or submitting a form.

Unfortunately, only 22% of businesses report being satisfied with their rate of conversion. If your business is with the other 78% and looking to increase conversions for your ad campaigns, don’t fret! Keep reading for a few simple tips to get it going in the right direction.

Check Your Headlines

Only 2 out of every ten viewers report reading past a content’s headline, so using attention-grabbing headlines is an easy fix that can improve your conversion rate and attract more consumers.

PRO TIP: Not sure what makes a good headline? Check out our article on writing clickable headlines for tips on what to include to get more clicks!

Include Testimonials and Merit Badges

Back up your claims. You can describe your business using every positive adjective in the book to prove your business is credible, and your product or service is the best choice. However, most consumers won’t usually just take your word for it. Include icons of earned badges of recognition and industry certifications to build trust. You should also leverage your current customers’ voice by adding testimonials related to that specific landing page topic.

Optimize Your Lead Capture Form

When it comes to filling out forms online, people tend to get impatient if it takes too long. Minimize the steps to submit by consolidating the number or required fill-in boxes. For example, instead of using separate boxes for both first and last names, consider just having a full name box instead.

Also, try to avoid asking for secondary information like company name or location unless it is absolutely necessary. Narrow it down to just the essentials like name and contact information.

If you do require a longer lead capture form, try splitting it up into a multi-part form and include a progress bar to give your audience a clear, broken-down visual how much more they have to complete.

Test Your Button

Your landing page likely has a “get started,” “learn more,” or “sign up here” button. Believe it or not, your button’s color, shape, and size can make a huge difference in upping your conversion rates.

Your button color needs to stand out from the rest of the page. Try a bright contrasting, or energetic color. Boxes with rounded corners seem less harsh and intimidating. As for size, bigger is almost always better!

PRO TIP: The color orange considered most effective when selling.

Consider a Chat Tool

Potential customers want to find the answers to their questions quickly. Calling on the phone can be intimidating, and email is generally too slow, so try adding a chat feature for an easy, low-pressure way for consumers to ask quick questions about your products and services.

PRO TIP: Take advantage of the chat tool’s analytics to gather even more data about your target audience.

Optimize Landing Pages for Mobile Viewing

51% of shoppers report using mobile devices to find new brands and products, giving businesses with optimized mobile landing pages a huge conversion advantage.

Ensure your site offers a seamless mobile experience by keeping it simple and using a responsive design. Mobile device users don’t want to scroll forever, so keep need-to-know information toward the top.

By applying these tricks to optimize your landing pages and continuing to monitor your conversion rates, your business will be able to increase and capitalize on more leads. Need help figuring out how to convert more leads into customers? Ask our Digital Marketing Experts about how we can help!