One of the primary reasons  why responsive websites may be wrong for local businesses is  speed and load time.   The stats are pretty clear when most mobile consumers will leave your mobile website if it doesn’t load in under 3 seconds.  Even worse, over 40% of people’s next action will be to go to a competitor site.  Ouch.

Below is a great infographic from KissMetrics on the affects of load time to your bottom line and how many are struggling with the transition to a large percentage of mobile browsers:

  • Half of people encounter websites with bad mobile formatting or didn’t function as expected
  • 38% with mobile sites that just won’t work
  • 73% that were just too slow to load
  • 44% will share that bad experience online, compounding the issue

Bottom line is that speed matters on mobile and that’s why it was a primary requirement for our local mobile website builder.   Be careful what you put out there especially on mobile.  Mobile people are on the move and expect information fast.   If you don’t provide it at that speed, it will cost you …

mobile website loading-time-lrg