It’s the beginning of October—for businesses, that means the beginning of Q4, the beginning of the end of the year. Wrapping up the year and finishing strong, all while finding ways to foster business growth and momentum into the new year is a critical part of business planning. What’s the key to success for businesses of all sizes in all industries in cities and towns across the country? It’s innovation.

Innovation has been the catalyst for success for ages. Innovation brought about the industrial revolution, sparking an age of increased production and rapid growth. Innovation has changed the way consumers consume and businesses provide. Innovation is what keeps businesses moving forward. That’s why Vivial is committed to constant innovation. Our job is to put businesses like yours in front of the consumers who are searching for goods and services you provide. We cannot accomplish that without innovation.

So, we forge ahead—we look ahead. We keep abreast of emerging technologies so that we keep our solutions—and our customers—ahead of the competition. We’ve spent the better part of 2018 innovating and building new solutions to help you make your 2019 your business’ best year yet.

This innovation is what has earned us the title of one of CIO Bulletin’s “30 Fastest Growing Companies to Watch” in 2018. We’ve garnered attention from the Mirror Review as one of the “10 Best Google Technology Solution Provider Companies” in 2018. Year after year, countless other noteworthy organization have touted Vivial as a “Top 10 SEO Solution Provider,” the “Best Content Writing Service,” and even a “Best Place to Work.”

We share these accolades not to be self-serving, but to punctuate the fact that we are committed to bringing local businesses the solutions they need, and we are committed to never being satisfied with good enough. We had a strong digital marketing platform available, complete with content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO and more. But we weren’t satisfied with that. Understanding the increasing influence online reviews are having on consumer purchase decisions, we added review generation and management to our platform.

Customers using our marketing platform were enjoying drastically increased visibility and consumer engagement on Facebook with our integrated Facebook advertising solution. But again, we weren’t satisfied. Noting Instagram’s massive growth in the last two years among business users, we integrated Instagram promoted posts into our platform as well.

You see, we believe we can never settle for the status quo. The status quo will not grow your business. The status quo will not set your business apart from the competition. That can only be accomplished with rigorous and continuous innovation. So, as you look to have a strong fourth quarter for your business, and as you plan for how to start 2019 even stronger—make sure that innovation is a part of your strategy. Make sure that Vivial is a part of that strategy.

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