It’s January, and with the New Year comes an onslaught of resolutions. From hitting the gym, to eating healthier, the hype each January tends towards getting in shape. The collective world focus shifts to the best diets and eating plans to help you reach your goals. For 2019, according to U.S. News and World Report, the “it” diet is once again, the Mediterranean Diet.

Now, you may be a bit confused—why are we talking about diets? Vivial isn’t suddenly delving into the world of fitness and nutrition, surely. Rest assured, we’re sticking to what we know—marketing. But that said, as we thought about our own resolutions, about helping our clients plan for success in 2019, we couldn’t help but notice some interesting correlations between the Integrated Marketing Plan—what we’re calling the “it” plan for improving the health of your business in 2019—and the Mediterranean Diet. Humor us for a moment, as we outline just why it is we’re calling Integrated Marketing the Mediterranean Diet of marketing strategies.

Tried and True Methods

The Mediterranean Diet is no newbie to the nutrition scene. For years experts have touted its health benefits which rely on diet choices influenced by foods and eating habits prevalent in countries such as Greece and Italy. The eating plan has been the subject of numerous studies documenting benefits ranging from weight loss to prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Shifting to the marketing side of things, an integrated approach to marketing enjoys a similar history of well documented success in its own right. Just as the Mediterranean Diet has been scrutinized and its results well documented, so true have the components of a true integrated marketing plan. From SEO and Directory Optimization to SMS and Facebook Advertising, the benefits of all elements of a truly integrated marketing plan are irrefutable.

Ease of application

When it comes to diets, no one wants a restrictive, hard-to-follow, complex, confusing plan that leaves you easily open to error or worse—abandonment altogether. The key to success with a plan such as the Mediterranean Diet is its simplicity. It focuses on eating the right things, rather than being overly restrictive. This makes it easy to follow, easy to stick with.

Let’s face it, if we need an easy diet to stick to because we’re all busy and stressed, the last thing we need when running our business is some complex marketing strategy that requires a Ph.D. to follow! The same principles of simplicity and relatability that make the Mediterranean Diet so easy to stick with are what make an Integrated Marketing Plan so effective and necessary to the health of your business. Truly integrating your marketing (combining online, social and mobile marketing into one program) eliminates redundancies, streamlines processes, and simplifies the management of your marketing program. This increases effectiveness, generates greater success for lower costs, and helps you stick with your program and grow your business.

Far reaching benefits

The benefits of the Mediterranean Diet go far beyond weight loss—a fact that is possibly one of the most attractive aspects of the diet. Certainly, we all would love to shed a few pounds—especially after the holidays. But consider the multitudinous benefits of the Mediterranean Diet: gut health, anti-inflammatory properties, slowing down the aging process, positively impacting muscle mass and bone health, and reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart attack. It’s clear that the benefits of this diet plan are far-reaching, which is a key factor in it’s #1 ranking as Best Diet Overall.

It’s perhaps easiest to see the correlation between Integrated Marketing and the Mediterranean Diet when looking at the list of benefits. While there are benefits to online marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing each individually, when combined in a truly integrated program, the benefits compound and come at a much lower cost. Consider the tried and true method of content marketing. Your business produces a piece of content and posts it on your website. That’s great. You might get some traffic to your site, potential (or existing customers) who will see the content and realize your industry expertise. But, let’s imagine the power that piece of content would have if it were part of an integrated marketing plan. That piece of content is then quickly and easily shared on Facebook, and then targeted to an audience of prospective customers on Facebook who are interested in what you do or offer. Further, a link to that content is then texted to thousands of current and prospective customers for whom you have a mobile number—thereby generating greater buzz and increased traffic to your website and visits and phone calls to your store.

Here’s the bottom line—while you’re searching for the best diet plan for your personal health goals in 2019, make sure you’re giving the same attention to finding the best plan for the health of your business. The principles are the same, for both you and your business, you need a plan that’s tried and true, easy to use and easy to stick with, and generates far-reaching results that will truly move the needle.

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