From the beginning, it has been Vivial’s mission to make the complexities of marketing simple for local businesses. We do this in many ways—one being our continued investment in innovative marketing solutions centered around our proprietary Vivial Marketing Platform.

From centralized directory listing optimization and online review management to streamlining content creation, publishing and promotion across social media profiles, we work continuously to evolve our platform to meet our clients’ needs, simplifying the marketing process for hundreds of thousands of local businesses. Our most recent innovation has been the transformation of our website to

Introducing Connect2Local

Content is the cornerstone of an effective SEO strategy. Vivial creates and publishes 6,000+ pieces of content every month for local businesses across the country. From publishing informative articles to special offers and events, we help clients create content to increase their online visibility and client engagement, which has a direct and positive impact on their ability to improve their Google organic rankings within search engine results.

Through our proprietary Marketing Platform, we work with clients to produce unique, relevant, timely content and publish it on—our newly refreshed, SEO-driven content hub that houses hundreds of thousands of articles, offers and events for local businesses across the country.  Leveraging our Platform content distribution capabilities, we are able to help local businesses further promote their content via social sharing and email marketing. We’ve made it simple for local businesses to share their content across online, mobile and social channels. The result? Increased organic Google search rankings, higher customer engagement, and increased online visibility.

The traffic, visibility and engagement that comes from Connect2Local is powerful! To this day, no other digital marketing provider has a comparable site.

What’s New With Connect2Local?

Connect2Local The simple answer… Everything!

  • Overhauled Underlying Technology
    We have greatly improved the site speed for both mobile and desktop visitors.
  • Reimagined User Experience & Design
    We have enhanced the overall site design, tailoring the experience to encourage and promote engagement between local businesses and their customers.

The best part is, by completely re-building the architecture of the site, we now have the ability to accelerate future enhancements. What you see is just the beginning. Our clients can expect continuous investment in the Connect2Local site to help connect, even more customers.

Interested in learning more about Vivial’s Marketing Platform or how we can utilize Connect2Local’s power to build your business’s online presence? Contact one of our Digital Marketing Experts for a free consult!