While many small businesses, especially in smaller communities, start by using traditional word-of-mouth to grow their business, they must eventually find more ways to get the word out to grow and succeed. That is where digital marketing steps in.

Digital marketing is not a luxury; it’s a necessity for local businesses.

Why? While there are too many reasons to share them all here, we do want to cover the three most important reasons you should leverage digital marketing for your local business.

  • Your customers are taking to the internet to locate information about your business, such as phone number, business hours, and product information. In fact, 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. If they can’t find you, they may move on to a competitor they do see.
  • 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying. Whether they are looking for something as simple as a new toy for their child or more complex services like roof replacement or a senior living facility for Grandma, consumers want to make informed decisions. Eight out of ten turn to the internet to do their homework first. Content marketing tools such as website blogs and social posts make sure you are right there, ready to answer their questions. This content not only solidifies your company as experts in your industry but also increases the likelihood they will come back to you when they are ready to make a purchase.
  • You need to meet your customers where they are, and in this day in age, that is online. Thankfully, there is a plethora of digital marketing tactics that can help you do this, from social media, online paid advertising, and search engine optimization, to name a few.

However, the problem is that many local businesses don’t have the capacity or the know-how to implement successful digital marketing strategies. And let’s be honest, you have enough on your plate. Do you really want to learn the latest digital marketing trends? That is why partnering with a reputable marketing agency is the best solution.


How to Know You Should Partner With a Marketing Agency?

One big misconception is that marketing agencies are only for the big, Fortune 500 businesses. However, it is the smaller, local businesses that can truly benefit. Not sure if your business is one of those? If you can agree with any of the following statements, then you need a marketing partner!

1.      You Don’t Know Where to Start

Digital marketing is complex with new opportunities, updates, and avenues constantly coming available. And this is not changing any time soon.  A great example of this is Apple’s iOS 14 update that may significantly impact Facebook Advertising causing many to readjust their campaign strategies.

By partnering with an agency, you have a team in the background constantly monitoring the industry. With this knowledge, they can help you build and continuously evolve your strategy so that it continues to reach its intended goals.


2.      I Don’t Have the Time and Hiring Staff for Marketing is Too Expensive

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. Keeping up with best practices and new tactics for each digital marketing channel can be a full-time job itself. Although hiring additional, or dedicated marketing staff, may not be the best use of company dollars.

When partnering with a marketing agency like Vivial, we become an extension of your team. And that support can vary, depending on your business needs. We can simply provide you industry insights and tools such as the Vivial Marketing Platform, which centralizes and automates many of your digital marketing efforts, or we can take over your marketing efforts completely.


3.      You Have a Limited-Budget

We’ve all heard the saying, “you’ve got to spend money to make money.” And while this statement is true, we understand that local businesses often don’t have the largest marketing budget.  Therefore, partnering with a third-party agency may seem counter-intuitive since you are spending money for a tool or management in addition to the actual marketing cost. However, that often isn’t the case since you are freeing up your time to run your business or your staff’s time to complete other tasks.

By partnering with marketing experts, you have a team that works in this field day-in and day-out. They know what works, what doesn’t work and stay on top of best practices. Behind the scenes, they are constantly working to ensure you are getting the best return on investment possible.


Need more convincing? Whether you are just looking for a little help in a few areas or a full take-over of your marketing strategy, the level of involvement a marketing agency has is completely up to you. And with that comes several key benefits no matter the route you take.


Benefits of Partnering With a Marketing Agency

When you partner with a marketing agency, you are getting more than just another vendor that takes your money. It is so much more.


It is hard to find one person that is proficient in all areas of digital marketing. From SEO strategists to social media gurus, marketing agencies are staffed with experts specializing in various skillsets specific to digital marketing. When you partner with a digital marketing agency, you benefit from a compilation of their team’s expertise.

Efficiency & Productivity

One of the number one things we hear from local business owners about marketing is, “I don’t have the time.” A qualified agency can give you the tools and the knowledge you need to streamline your internal marketing efforts or take over them completely, letting you get back to more important activities.

Higher ROI

With expertise comes better results. Doing it on your own may require a lot of trial and error, which means more money spent and less return. When you work with a marketing agency, you are getting their insights into what will perform best and help you meet your goals.

At Vivial, for example, we work with thousands of businesses across hundreds of different industries. We’ve tried it all! And we have a pretty good idea of what is going to work and what might not.

Data – Tracked Results

Marketing experts love data because it is how we can know for sure that a program is working or not. However, with each platform comes hundreds of data points. For local businesses trying to look through the data on their own, it can be overwhelming and difficult to weed through the noise and know what information is actually useful. With a marketing agency, the work is done for you.

With Vivial, for example, several of our marketing solutions have live visibility to analytics in the Vivial Marketing Platform for easy viewing throughout the month. Then our customers meet monthly with their Account Coordinator to review results, future strategy, and recommendations.

Scale & Flexibility

One of the best benefits of working with a marketing agency is the ability and flexibility to grow with your business. Whether that is adding additional solutions or increasing your advertising spend, it is as simple as talking with your account representative.


The perks speak for themselves. Run our FREE Digital Analysis to see how your business currently stacks up online, or set up a quick chat with one of our Digital Experts to learn more about partnering with Vivial.