Buried in an article in Search Engine Land is an amazing story – pay per click advertising is one of the worst performing of twelve marketing channels.  The 3rd worst, in fact.  That puts it slightly ahead of radio and TV and far behind paper directories and flyers.  Yes, flyers.  Just 2% of local businesses think pay-per-click marketing is effective.  2%.  Here is the graph of survey results:

Effective Marketing Channels, PPC Ranks Poorly

What is Effective? Marketing not Advertising.

advertising vs marketingIf you are an avid reader of this blog, you know that we routinely talk about the difference between marketing and advertising.

Advertising is a short-term strategy.  Campaigns are episodic and once you stop feeding more money in the meter, you haven’t achieved anything.   It can be a useful way to drive awareness but it’s value is especially limited if you don’t have content marketing as a framework for your advertising.

Marketing, real marketing, is about building your brand and your audience.  Marketing grows in value over time – your SEO, your Facebook followers, your email list, your reviews and reputation, etc.

Not surprisingly marketing, real marketing represents 5 of the top 6 most effective channels and advertising represents 5 of the 6 worst.  So it’s time to stop relying on advertising because it’s easy

5 of the Top 6 Channels Are Covered by Vivial – Please Print Your Own Flyers

Vivial Local Internet MarketingFor marketing large multi-location brands, Vivial is the first software platform that can do true content marketing for local at scale – email, social media, local search, publishing and syndication.   Everything localized for each of your markets.  All for a couple hundred dollars per location.   Simple, effective and affordable.  Time to start re-allocating your PPC spend to local marketing.

For small local businesses, Vivial provides the same powerful solution that major retailers and brands like Buffalo Wild Wings, Cohen’s Fashion Optical, The Little Gym or Arhaus uses – at a price you can afford and with the support services that you need.  It’s easier than you think and you can work with one vendor.

So what’s stopping you?   Time to get marketing!

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  • John Carter

    I’m gonna drop the ultimate Adwords PPC secret right here: Individual sitelinks differentiated, tagged, and tracked within Google Analytics. Yep, I’m serious – that’s the secret. Are you doing it? If so, you know what I’m talking about. If not, I bet Simon can help you over the phone, give him a ring at 219-733-4687. You can do all kinds of powerful testing and optimization when you’ve got sitelink tracking in place and it can really set you ahead of your competition.