In today’s connected, fast-paced world, it seems as if we’re always on the clock. This is even truer for small business owners who sometimes work as many as double the hours as a typical employee. Even when we’re away, we aren’t really away. As many as 57% of workers plan to log-on to their work-related accounts to stay in touch and finish up work over their vacations. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, until you consider the fact that working more hours over time can lead to a variety of issues including lower cognitive function, trouble sleeping and an increase in unhealthy behaviors.

If you’re not at your best, chances are your business isn’t either. It may just be time to disconnect for a little while. So, don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself. It actually may be better for you and the performance of your business in the long-run.

And what better time to start than right now—Memorial Day! It’s the first holiday after a long, LONG winter. It’s time you take advantage of some much deserved time off. You can’t be running on empty if you’re going to get the most out of your small business. We understand as well as anyone that time with family and friends is just as important as the time you spend growing your enterprise. So, take a break because you deserve it and your customers deserve the best version of you when you get back.

The question is now how do you actually find the time to take a break? Cutting corners isn’t the answer, and you shouldn’t have to do that to have a work-life balance. You have a great business but connecting with new customers often takes a back seat to providing great service to existing customers. That’s where partnering with a marketing solutions provider can help.

One of the most difficult parts about connecting with new customers can be creating and executing a marketing plan. Finding someone to manage or create custom content so you can go out and enjoy the summer cookout is key. Or, consider the benefit of having access to a platform designed to help you make your social media presence easier and more effective. With the right support, you can do more while working less. Your Memorial Day plate may just get a little lighter.

The great news is, Vivial can do all these things for you. We’ve got the tools and resources to help take more work off your plate. You focus on running your business—and relaxing—we’ll focus on your marketing! So, the choice is yours, work or relax? That’s an easy one. We’ll be hard at work making sure you’ve got what you need to get your summer marketing heated up when you get back. And you? As you’re relaxing, try “thumbing” through our summer eBook—which will help you think through practical tips for your summer marketing strategy. And if you do find some free time, be sure to check out our live Webinar where we’ll dive into the power and importance of online reviews.