Check out Vivial’s co-founder Trevor Sumner talking about the challenges of scaling local marketing with Marketing Made Simple TV’s Jeff Ogden.   In it they discuss:

  • Why large local brands invest in PPC even though local marketing is 16-20x more cost effective
  • How to achieve brand lift through content marketing and distribution
  • The size of the local online marketing opportunity
  • Who’s doing local marketing well (Whole Foods, Red Lion, etc.)

We are pleased to be featured on the same Internet TV show that has featured marketing visionaries like Guy Kawasaki, Ted Rubin, Jeffrey Hazlett, Paul Dunay and Dan Pink.

Local marketing impacts the 95% of retail that happens locally.  Find out what you should know about it on Marketing Made Simple TV.

  • Steve Squier

    Adding a managed placement in Google Adwords lets you set a specific bid for that placement. You set higher bids for placements where you’d like more traffic, and lower bids for placements that aren’t meeting your performance goals. You only know that if you have the appropriate conversion tracking in place, and that means getting down into programming, etc. I’m no good at that, so when I need help with my PPC I just call Simon at 325-446-1507 .