As the 2018 Winter Olympics get underway, we can’t help but cue the tears, feel all the feels, and perhaps get a little introspective. Amid all the Cinderella stories; come-back stories; and stories of determination, dedication, and clawing one’s way to the top—we are inspired.

You see, at Vivial, we’ve spent over 110 years fighting for the local business from the small town no-one’s heard of. We’ve given a voice to the new business owner in the big city striving to be heard among the masses. As a business owner with a big dream—just like the athlete who dreams of standing on the podium with gold draped around their neck—achieving success may seem like an Olympic task. But through years of dedication, practice and refining our game—we’ve brought together an ever-evolving suite of tools designed to level the playing field for the businesses we serve.

From SEO and content marketing to display ads and video, we’ve got everything an athlete—ahem, business—needs, to come out on top. And, while these winter Olympics are expected to cost upwards of $10 billion (a meager amount compared to winter Olympics of years gone by)—businesses won’t need to bust their budget in order to achieve greatness.

What’s the point of all this? Well, if you’re a local business, consider these tools part of the essential equipment for success. You wouldn’t ask a curler to build his own broom; a skier to craft her own skis; or a hockey team to carve their own sticks! These athletes are elite in their respective sports, but they trust the experts to provide them with the tools and equipment they need to get them on the podium.

At Vivial, we’re proud to be those experts. While we may not be polishing skate blades, driving a Zamboni over ice or building toboggans, we’re pretty elite when it comes to online marketing tools. Plus, we’ve got expert on-demand account support teams designed to coach your business all the way to a gold medal. When we work with businesses, it’s a joint effort. There’s no set it and forget it with us. We become part of your team. Your success is our success.

No doubt as these next 17 days of super sports stories unfold, we’ll continue feeling all kinds of inspired. We love a great underdog story (we’ve created a few of them ourselves), and we’re thinking we’re not the only ones who get extra motivated during the Olympics. So, check back in as the Games continue. We’ll share an underdog story of our own. Who knows, we might just share some of our “training” tips for business fitness too!