Not to beat a dead horse, but we can’t say it enough—content is king. If you want to engage with current and potential customers (and who doesn’t?), you need content. Consumers want to feel valued, and what makes them feel more valued than you taking the time to provide them with some sort of content to add value to their purchase experience. Whether you’re offering them a deal or some information to enlighten them, taking the time to craft and distribute that content is a real value-add in building customer relationships.

In fact, according to Key Difference Media, 78% of customers believe that a business that provides custom content is interested in building a good relationship. That’s huge! You want to be one of those businesses. You need to be one of those businesses. But what does it take to craft and execute a strong content marketing strategy. One word. Consistency.

Consistency is key.

It establishes a sense of reliability with consumers. And if you’re trying to get them to become a loyal customer—you want them to consider you reliable. There’s just one problem. You’re a local business owner/operator. Your time is precious and usually eaten up by actually running your business. Not to mention—writing is probably not your forte—or maybe you just flat out don’t like writing. That’s ok.

There is a solution…

Outsource your content marketing.

What? Yes—you outsource to an expert in content marketing. Before we dive deeper into the “how” of making that happen, let’s consider the “why” just a bit more. When we say consistency in content marketing is key—we mean it. According to marketing company HubSpot, companies that published 16 or more blog posts per month got nearly 5 times more leads than companies publishing less than four per month. Whoa. 16? Who has time for that? You do—if you outsource.

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

A few chats with your writer about the types of content you’d like created, and a custom content writer can get right to work creating meaningful content for your business. And you should always have final say over the tone and message of the content. So, you should never have to worry about inaccurate information being published on your behalf. Custom content writers are well-versed in writing about all sorts of industries, and with a little guidance from you—they’ll surely craft some amazing content.

Worried about the cost? Think it’s beyond your budget? Worry no more.

Not only are there extremely affordable content marketing solutions out there [here’s where we shamelessly plug Vivial’s extremely affordable content marketing platform], but remember when we told you that companies positing consistently get nearly 5 times the leads as others? Yeah—well it should be fairly easy for you to quantify how much extra revenue you can bring in off those additional leads. Do some quick math and you should be able to determine just how much you’re willing to spend on your content marketing to bring in those leads. We’re willing to bet it’s more than enough for a quality, affordable third-party solution [ahem, Vivial].

So, there you have it folks. Don’t let content marketing scare you. Don’t be run off by the demand on your time or budget. Outsourcing your content marketing is a viable option that can get you on the bandwagon with this extremely effective—dare we say, necessary—marketing tool. Give it a try. What do you have to lose—other than 5 times more leads!