Working with small businesses to offer them the marketing and advertising tools they need to be successfully used to consist of managing a few key products. Your portfolio of tools could be small but efficient. But, over the past decade or so, technology has evolved rapidly, causing immense disruption in the world of small business marketing. As consumer demands have shifted, so to have the needs of your small business clients. These days, for you to truly meet the needs of local businesses, you need to not only maintain traditional marketing channels but add new ones as they become available.

But where do you start? What tools are most effective? And more importantly, how can you offer these tools in a way that serves both your needs and the needs of your small business customers? Finding the time, knowledge base, skill set and resources to support a much broader spectrum of marketing channels can be prohibitive for many. In fact, the challenges presented by this wave of new technologies can sometimes seem insurmountable. But they’re not. Making smart decisions to add tools to your portfolio that complement existing products will generate lasting success.

With so many new technologies available in the realm of digital marketing, probably the best bet for you to offer your customers is a good all-in-one marketing platform. The modern-day marketing platform should include all the most important tools a business customer would need to grow their business. How do you know which platform to offer your customers? Here are a few tools any good marketing platform should include, and why your business customers need them.

Custom Content

Content may be king, as we’ve all heard, but most small businesses don’t have the time, skills or desire to create custom content in any meaningful way. A new blog post every couple months is not enough. To really start a quality relationship with their customers, small businesses need to show consistent effort to provide useful information that positions themselves as experts in their field.

A great all-in-one platform will offer an easy way to create and manage this content. Even better—some come with a service element whereby the content will be created for the business. Quality content paired with expert service is a win-win-win. It serves the end consumer which benefits the small business. And a happy small business customer is great for your bottom line.

Search Engine Optimization

Anyone around for the start of the digital revolution knows that SEO is no newcomer to the digital marketing party. One of the first tools in digital marketing, SEO has evolved drastically and continues to do so every day. But it remains one of the most effective and important tools. We now look at it as more of a “must-have” tool, a foundation for the rest of a business’ digital marketing strategy, and therefore, an essential component of every all-in-one platform.

A great solution will ensure that content is written and structured properly. Most importantly, a great solution will track the SEO efforts and report how rankings are improving. Again—a really great solution will add that service element in so businesses don’t have to manage it all themselves. Success for a small business equates to a loyal customer for you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for quite some time, and if you ask us—doesn’t get quite the attention it’s due. With one of the best ROIs in all of marketing, this tool is a huge asset to any local business. With the ability to ensure delivery of their message to specific consumers (as opposed to wondering if that pamphlet actually made it to the mailbox of their customer, let alone into their hands), the ability to track opens and clicks, it can be a really effective tool.

But few local businesses have the time, money or desire to secure a separate email platform to manage their email marketing. So, they end up not doing email marketing at all. Huge missed opportunity there! If you offer your customers an all-in-one platform that includes an email solution, you’re holding the golden ticket. Once again, you’re providing them with a simple, easy-to-use tool to gain them big-time business. And big-time gains for them means big gains for you.

Social Media Management

For local businesses, having a presence on social media is no longer a “nice-to-have.” It’s mandatory. Increasingly, their customers are consulting social media platforms for information about local businesses, for recommendations from friends, for reviews, etc. Social media is a treasure trove of potential customers for the local businesses you serve.

Social media can also be overwhelming for small businesses if not managed properly. Frequent engagement is key on social media, but that’s hard to manage. Imagine the benefit to a small business of being able to see everything they need to know about their major social media profiles all in one place. Bottom line—benefitting your local business customer is a huge benefit to you as well.

All-In-One Marketing Platform

If you’re going to offer your local business customers an all-in-one marketing platform (and hopefully you understand now why you need to), you need to make sure it includes at least these four elements. By adding a great marketing platform to your product portfolio, you provide a way for your customers to capitalize on the latest digital marketing trends to grow their business. And by doing so, you’ll protect your existing revenue all while generating a new revenue stream. Your customers win, you win.

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