If you’re like most business solution providers, one of the biggest challenges you face is figuring out how to close the deal—how to stand out in a sea of competitors. It’s not an uncommon challenge. But the secret to success is actually simpler than you might think. Sell solutions to common problems.

Now before you write this article off as fluff or something from which you can learn nothing—humor us for a moment. Let’s take a brief look at some of the most common problems business marketers (the very people you’re selling to) are facing. Once we do that, it’s fairly easy to highlight solutions that solve those problems—and to understand why such solutions would actually set you apart from your competitors. Let’s dive in.

Marketers are tired of all the hype. What does this mean? It means the people you’re selling solutions to are tired of “miracle” solutions or software stacks that over promise and under deliver. Here are some of the biggest challenges marketers face and how to sell solutions that combat them.

Marketers are overwhelmed by big data
This is a big one. With advances in reporting technologies, increased use of cookies, retargeting capabilities and other data-driven and data-producing products—never has there been more access to data than before. But as this data has become more readily available, marketers have become overstimulated by it and eventually, they grew tired and weary—not having the time to process it all. This provides a perfect opportunity for you to come in offering marketing technology solutions that provide clear, simple, straightforward data that drives products and decisions but is not overwhelming. Simply put, it allows you to showcase solutions that make the complex simple while not skimping on transparency and reporting.

Marketers’ current solutions do not support omnichannel marketing
While there’s been an increasing push towards multichannel marketing, very few marketers have truly adopted an omnichannel approach. This may have something to do with the fact that nearly 60% of marketers feel less than favorable about their marketing software’s ability to execute on omnichannel marketing.

What this means for you as a solution seller is that you must take to market a martech solution set that is truly omnichannel and can deliver what marketers are looking for. Doing that will give you a leg up on the competition.

Marketers feel they still need more technology
48% of marketers feel like they’ve invested significant budget in major martech solutions but still need more. 66% feel their current software can’t meet their goals. This is where you come in. Offer a comprehensive suite of marketing tools to handle everything and do it at an affordable price point. That’s how you overcome a jaded customer.

Bonus challenge: Marketers are jaded and frustrated with overhyped solutions
Addressing this challenge is more about your sales approach than it is the solutions you’re selling. You may want to know going into your sales meetings that 55% of marketers say vendors overhype products and solutions and perpetuate market confusion. Across the board, an average of 79% of marketers think vendors under-deliver on their promises at least some of the time.

When you’re selling those simple but effective solutions that will get marketers the truly omnichannel capabilities they desire, make sure to steer clear of buzzwords, steer clear of the over-hyped claims and resist the urge to over promise in order to close the deal.

All-in-all, the key to successfully selling marketing solutions to marketers is to keep things simple and straightforward but effective. Don’t promise what you can’t ensure. Don’t pepper your customers with buzzwords you think will make you sound better. Focus on how you’ve successfully delivered solutions to others in similar solutions. Focus on ease, simplicity, transparency and ability to deliver. Do these things and you’ll see great success as a martech reseller.