They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to impacting your ranking in search results—it might be worth even more. With recent changes to Google’s search algorithm, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you’re leveraging images in the best possible way to up your business’ chances of appearing in the top search results. Google is increasingly looking to match search results with search intent—and user behavior indicates that consumers prefer images over text and standard web results. To that end, Google has begun serving more images in the top search results positions.

Even if you don’t think your business lends itself well to the use of images, it’s still important that you do. Here are 3 ideas for how to use images even for the less-than-photogenic business.

1. Before-and-after photos

While these types of photos might seem most appropriate for businesses such as salons, landscapers or contractors—they’re appropriate for virtually any business. Dog groomer? Show off Fluffy’s recent wash and dry! Carpet cleaner? Show us how you got that red wine stain out of beige carpet. Maybe you’re a pool cleaner—let consumers see the fruits of your labor cleaning all those nasty leaves out of that backyard pool. The possibilities are endless.

2. How-tos

Step-by-step photo tutorials are a great alternative—or accompaniment—to video tutorials. You could even show customers how to change a tire in a series of videos. Restaurants: teach your diners how to whip up that amazing new dessert in a series of photos. There’s a lot to be learned from a few simple snapshots.

3. Make a quick chart/table

Did you realize that you’re an expert in your industry? You have important information to share. Why not create a quick table or chart to share. It doesn’t require a ton of artistic ability (there are a ton of free services to create charts and infographics online) or time. Let’s say you’re an HVAC company—share with consumers a table comparing SEER rankings of various HVAC units. Car dealer? What were the top 5 selling makes/models last year? At the end of the day, you have a ton of expertise and data you can use to share and impart wisdom and insights.

There are countless ways to use images to help your business rank higher in search results. Regardless of how you choose to go about it, there’s one thing that’s certain—images must be an integral part of your strategy for ranking higher in relevant consumer searches. While it may take some creative thinking to get the right images and leverage them for success—absolutely every business, every industry has the potential to benefit from a fuller use of images.

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