Content marketing vs. traditional marketing methods:

One of the primary reasons content marketing produces cost-effective leads is because it relies on your expertise at speaking to existing customers and engaging prospective ones. 

However, not everyone has the time to create an effective content marketing strategy, the interest in learning marketing best practices, or the budget to hire a full-time content marketing staff member. Businesses that are struggling with their content marketing strategy should consider outsourcing this essential task to one of the many content marketing agencies that work with local businesses to provide them with industry-specific content.

When should you outsource:

  • You don’t have the time to regularly create content.
  • You don’t  know where to look for online marketing optimization resources.
  • You don’t have time to stay on-top of marketing trends.
  • You have no budget to hire a staff member who can create and manage content.
  • You are unsure what type of content will bring in new customers.

Why outsource:

There are many layers in creating an effective piece of content (like there are to Ogres).

In addition to finding the time to sit down and write a post, brainstorm topic ideas and then share the finished piece online, your content needs to be aligned with your SEO strategy. By consistently using certain keywords in online directories and content, your local business will rank higher in organic search results.

The end goal of content marketing is to bring in more leads at a lower cost.

LocalCast enables businesses, just like yours, to use content marketing to engage current customers and turn potential audiences into paying customers, all while keeping the marketing tone consistent with your overall strategy. By taking advantage of Nearsay, Vivial customer’s can have their content posted on their own blog and syndicated on Nearsay or posted solely there.
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Content marketing doesn’t end with writing

There are many different vehicles that can deliver content marketing (layers, remember?). Some businesses prefer deals, image heavy content, videos or text articles. You might not know which content will work best for your audience or how to go about creating quality content in these various forms. And don’t forget the micro-content that you should create to further your reach on social networks.

Learning which content marketing platform works best for your business, how to optimize the content and then actually posting is a very time-consuming process. It would be wasteful for you to invest all that time and effort only to post your content and walk away. To get the most mileage out of your content, you should employ a micro-content strategy and post small pieces of your content multiple different social media platforms. Be sure to follow best practices for each network in order to optimize each piece of content.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

I know that some of you are ready to forge ahead and tackle this challenge on your own (bravo!), but if that isn’t in your nature, fear not. Tim Ferriss (I call him Time Ferriss because of his excellent time management advice) recommends outsourcing the tasks that you don’t consider yourself an expert in, so you can maximize your time and productivity in areas you are an expert in.

“But it costs too much to outsource content marketing”

Imagine all the time and effort you will need to put into into each piece of marketing content. Time is money, especially in a small business where every dollar counts. By focusing your efforts on what you do well, you can better manage your business and bring in more revenue. The same theory applies to someone who is an expert at content marketing: he/she can create content quickly, easily and will have a positive impact on your business. Master quote

Outsourcing content marketing is a win-win! Work is taken off your plate allowing you to devote more time to building your business, while an online marketing expert uses his/her expertise to bring more customers through your door.

However, you don’t need to outsource content marketing permanently. As you learn more and more about best practices, you can take over your own content marketing and move forward with confidence.

If your business struggles with content marketing, take charge and enlist experts (33% of small businesses turn to marketing firms for help). LocalCast is an award-winning all-in-one tool that provides thousands of businesses with a simple, effective and affordable way to manage their online marketing.

LocalCast goes beyond content marketing and helps businesses get discovered on sites (such as Google Maps, Google+, Yelp, CitySearch, FourSquare, Yahoo! and more), build email lists and manage their social reputations, all with the touch of a button. Remember the advice of Tim Ferris and let the experts at Vivial manage your business’s content marketing strategy or just help you deliver yours! 
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