Small Business Saturday is just a couple weeks away on November 29th! The event that originated from American Express as a way to drive awareness and sales for small businesses in the holiday shopping season is a great way to jump into full swing of your holiday sales. And it’s not too late to pull something together for the day (who hasn’t put something great together last minute?).

With just a few simple additions to your current marketing plan you can be a part of the event that attributed 5.7 billion dollars in holiday spending in 2013. With 19.4% of retail sales occurring during the holiday season, participating in Small Business Saturday can help you close out the year stronger than ever before.

Have a Compelling Offer

Small Business Saturday falls the day after Black Friday and two days before Cyber Monday, with so much shopping occurring on one weekend it should be no surprise that there is a lot of competition. It’s incredibly important for your business to stand out from the crowd so you need an offer that will make people act and come into your business.

Think of what is most compelling to your audience (and that isn’t always the biggest discount). You can start by asking a few questions: what is your most popular item, what deals have worked best in the past, is your audience looking to receive a deep discount or to support your business?

Some examples you can consider:

  • A small stocking stuffer gift for the first 20 people each hour
  • Free gift wrapping with any purchase over $40
  • A free cup of hot chocolate for all customers before 10am
  • 25% off all new merchandise

Don’t be afraid to work with other businesses in your area for a sidewalk sale or combination offer. A local retail store could team up with a restaurant down the street to offer a free entree to anyone who purchases more than $30. The combination can bring customers into both businesses while providing an affordable offer.

Share Your Offer

The next step is a strong promotion strategy so that everyone can know about your deal and take advantage of it. Start including it in all of your current marketing efforts. Using LocalCast you can share posts on Nearsay and update your directory listings to share the offer. Next, make sure you create an email campaign surrounding it so all of your current email subscribers are notified of your Small Business Saturday participation and can plan on coming by your business on the 29th.