With 92% of the U.S. population owning a mobile device capable of receiving SMS messages, it is a no-brainer for businesses to begin incorporating it into their marketing efforts. Text messaging is the new email and has a 138% higher open rate. But where to start?

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS (short service messaging) marketing is a method that utilizes permission-based texting to reach future, current, and past customers in an easy, direct, and cost-effective way.

There are a variety of different ways you can use SMS to complement your current marketing initiatives. And while the possibilities are endless, here are four easy ways to incorporate SMS marketing to help obtain and nurture leads through the sales funnel.

1. Awareness Stage: Run an SMS Contest to Build Awareness and Drive Interest

A great way to get your name out there and build interest in your company is to run a contest. To enter, ask people to text a one-word phrase to either a short or long code number. These numbers are either five or ten digits and automated through a 3rd party, text message solution. For example, text BRIGHT to 123-456-7890 to be entered for a chance to win a free teeth whitening treatment.

Since SMS marketing laws and regulations prohibit you from cold-texting, this is a great way to build an opt-in subscriber list.

2. Consideration Stage: Keep Your Subscribers in the Know

Now that you have begun to grow your subscriber base, you can build campaigns to help drive interest in your products and services. Give them the inside scoop on upcoming sales and events to keep your company top of mind until they are at a point where they need your product or service.

3. Decision Stage: Text Offers to Drive Sales

What is going to help you close the deal? One option is to offer a discount or special deal for your SMS subscribers to help them get over the finish line and take action.  Another is to send out short blasts highlighting the benefits of pulling the trigger now. For example, an HVAC company may send out a quick reminder to schedule a furnace tune-up to ensure they aren’t caught without heat since winter is fast approaching.

4. Retention Stage: Keep Customers for the Long Haul

This phase is sometimes easily forgotten. You may have made the sale, but how do you retain them for continued service and keep them coming back for more. First and foremost, make sure they have the best possible experience during their purchase phase. Send appointment reminders and follow-up texts to check-in and make sure they are happy with their service.

Additionally, you can show them that you value loyalty by sending them special offers and promotions, leading them to upgrade their current service or repurchase a product.

So, what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to integrate SMS into your marketing strategy, and Vivial is here to help! Contact us today to find out more.