There are hundreds of social holidays celebrated each year. As a small business, utilizing them in your social calendar can be a great way to increase engagement with your online following. But what is the best way to do it? We’ve put together a quick guide to help you navigate incorporating these fun days into your social media campaign strategy.

Choosing the Right Social Holidays

It is not unusual to see businesses trying to incorporate every social holiday into their posting strategy. However, less is more in this situation. It is important to find social holidays that can add value to your brand and further your goals.

When determining which holidays to use, first think about what you want to accomplish. Are you looking to bring more awareness to your company culture, show involvement in the community, brand awareness, or simply just get more customers through the front door? Here are a few examples of how you can accomplish each:

  • Company Culture: Not only is it a great way to show your team you care but also your social following by showcasing high-performing employees for #EmployeeAppreciationDay. Another option is to share pictures of a family-friendly company event on #FamilyDay to highlight that your company appreciates family time.
  • Community Involvement: People want to see companies that give back to their local area. Support a local non-profit by giving proceeds from sales to a local non-profit for #CharityDay.
  • Brand Awareness: People stand behind businesses that they have a connection to. Highlight the fact that you are a woman-owned business by sharing a profile of the owner for #AmericanBusinessWomensDay.
  • Store Foot Traffic: Entice people to come by your burger restaurant by offering a buy one get one free hamburger special on #NationalHamburgerDay or give a free treat with purchase for #DessertDay.

3 Fun Ways to Incorporate Social Holidays Into Your Marketing Plan

With new hashtag holidays popping up left and right, it is easy to find ones that you can take advantage of in one way or another. Once you narrow down the list, it is time to figure out how you want to celebrate it. We’ve created a list of a few of our favorite activities:

1. Involve Your Employees

Get your whole team in on the action. Plan a fun event for them to participate in during lunch, an afternoon break, or after work that ties to a specific theme. For example, National Pizza Day is in February. Share a live video and post pictures of the team devouring pizza from a favorite local spot. Bonus points if you tag the restaurant and get them to engage in your post.

2. Host an Event

Use a hashtag holiday to invite people to your business. A great example of this is celebrating the hard work of our educators by having a #ThankAteacherDay event on May 7th. This could be as simple as offering them a gift when they visit the store or holding an appreciation lunch.

3. Create a Special Offer

Who doesn’t like something for free or a good discount and what better way to promote it than to link it to a fun social holiday. Whether it’s a free donut on #NationalDonutDay or a 20% discount on #NationalSunglassesDay, the opportunities are endless. The key is to have fun with it!

Posting for Social Holidays

Once you have chosen the activity, next, you must get the word out.

Using the Social Holiday Hashtag

While the obvious thing to do is utilize the hashtag in every post across all networks, that is not always the case. Make sure you apply best practices for hashtag use on each platform. An example of this is that there is no added benefit to adding hashtags on Google My Business. Instead, use the name of the holiday on its own – National Candy Day vs. #NationalCandyDay.

Try a Branded Hashtag

Another fun option is to create your own hashtag that complements the social holiday. Let’s take the National Candy Day as an example again. Let’s say Vivial is looking to expand our team, and we want to highlight the fun work culture. We could sponsor a candy bar for National Candy Day and ask employees to share fun posts using a branded hashtag like #VivialDoesCandyDay.

No matter which hashtag holiday you decide to incorporate, it can be a fun way to engage your team, customers, and followers on all social channels. Not sure what social holidays are out there? We’ve made it simple and compiled an easy to use calendar for you.

Download Vivial’s Social Holiday Calendar


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