We’ve become so used to the presence of social media that it’s easy to forget what a tremendous impact it has had on society and each of our lives. For businesses in particular, it has been a game changer – creating the ability to reach more people at much lower costs than in the past with traditional marketing.

We recently attended NYC’s Social Media Week, where industry leaders and experts came together to talk about new technologies, top marketing trends and what the future looks like for us. So what did we learn? Here are our top 4 takeaways:

#1: Technology has allowed us to expand our focus beyond our city limits and connect with people and businesses outside our community. And this is a great thing! After all it’s human nature to connect.

#2: The social media focus is shifting from conversion to nurturing relationships with customers and prospects alike. When the goal changes, so too do the metrics that we use to measure the success of our marketing activities – and so, engagement is becoming more important than reach.

#3: Consumers have begun demanding better technology. They want the kind that keeps them and their information safe, tech that connects them to what they really want, and messages and information they both need and want to know in any given moment.

#4: Many companies have always seen the power of great, relevant content and are embracing it now more than ever. If you follow Vivial this may sound familiar. We talk a lot about content – probably because it really does work. It helps our customers tell their stories in a relatable manner!

Whatever type of business you have, your customers are on social media. That’s not likely to change – in fact, over the coming years, there will be even more of them active on social networks. What will change is their expectations; consumers want to feel understood. If your business can offer them really interesting content, they’ll remember your name. If your business can offer them something they want or need, at the right time, then you’ll have struck relevancy gold! If you’re not in the social media game yet, now is a great time to join. Give us a call and we can help!