The demand for transparency is on the rise. In fact, 86% of Americans believe transparency from businesses is more important than ever. Therefore, brands who fulfill this request are better positioned to gain the trust and loyalty of their target audience. One of the easiest ways for brands to improve their transparency is by leveraging social media.

What is Social Transparency?

Social Transparency is the use of social media channels by businesses, organizations, administrations, and communities to establish unfiltered communication with their followers about actions and accountability.


The big question for most businesses is where to start?

Humanizing Your Brand

It’s simple – people respond best to other people. Use your social media presence to show there is someone behind the scenes that cares about them and their experience with your brand. A study done by Sprout Social, has shown the two bests ways to demonstrate transparency are admitting when mistakes are made and being honest when answering customer questions.


Admitting to Mistakes

61% of people say that admitting mistakes is the number one thing businesses can do to show transparency. It humanizes the brand because consumers can relate to the idea that people make mistakes. They, in turn, are more tolerable when an issue arises and will appreciate the business for being upfront about it.

Proving Honest Answers

Another great step towards building trust and loyalty among your audience is by being forthright in your answers. Consumers don’t want the run-around. Instead, they want straight answers to their questions so they can make informed decisions whether that is regarding a purchase or how they can use a product.

How can you apply these learnings to your social media strategy?

The first would be to respond to reviews, both positive and negative. Reviews are a great way in showcasing transparency with your customers. In fact, when you address and handle a negative situation, this tells more about your customer service than a positive review.

Another strategy is to consider the types of content you are posting on social media. People think video, especially when done live, is the most transparent type of content a business can post. It puts a face to the name and mimics in-person contact.

By taking steps to humanize your brand, you can build a strong loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more. Need assistance figuring out ways to build brand trust through social media? Contact us to learn how our social experts can help.