With spring comes rain showers, flowers, spring break, and everyone’s favorite activity… spring cleaning. And while most of us attribute this to things around the house, it is just as important to do the same with your local business.

That is why we have put together a quick and easy-to-implement checklist that will help you freshen up your online presence.

1.   Clean Up Directory Listings

Online, hundreds of directories list your business information like Google My Business, Foursquare, and Yelp. If you’re not supplying the information they list, many use an algorithm that pulls data from wherever they can find it. This can lead to incorrect and inconsistent information about your business and deter customers from buying your products or services.

Therefore, it is vital to be the source of information and develop a routine cadence of updating your information. You’ll also need to develop a direct relationship with the major online directories to ensure your name, address, phone number, and hours are correct. I’m sure you are thinking, “how will I know or have the time to get to all of them?” Luckily, affordable directory optimization tools can do it all for you from one centralized location, making it quick and easy to update and manage hundreds of listings at once.

PRO TIP: Run our free Business Listing Report to check how your business appears in online directories across the internet.

2.   Refresh Social Content

What better way to breathe new life into your social pages than uploading a new cover photo, posting a special offer, or running a light-hearted social contest. No matter your industry, every business has something that can make them relevant this spring season.

  • Landscaper and Lawncare Services: Everyone loves beautiful photos and transformation. Try posting before and after pictures of big jobs you are doing.
  • HVAC Provider: No one wants to find themselves in the midst of a hot summer with a broken air conditioning unit. Offer them a deal on A/C tune-ups and other preventative maintenance.
  • Beauty Salon: As more and more people are switching out their closed-toed shoes for flip-flops and sandals, now is the time to share the hottest new nail colors for pedicures in 2021.

By adding fresh, new content to your social profiles, you’ll bring your business back to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

PRO TIP:  If you are a winter-driven business, it’s still important to stay active on social media. Spring and summer are great times to build brand awareness and have a little fun with it. Use images and video to talk about what you do in the off-season.

3.   Update Your Website

While you are clearly not going to redesign your website every spring, it doesn’t mean you can’t spruce it up. Whether it’s switching out your hero and banner images on your homepage or finally putting together that blog content strategy you’ve always talked about, now is the time!

Google loves frequent updates to your website content. In fact, the Googlebot—Google’s web crawler—is continuously out there searching for new information to index. Therefore, when you update your website with reliable, high-value content, it will increase the likelihood of ranking in the top organic search results. This means it’s a great time to add new long-tailed keywords and phrases you want to rank for in organic search results.

PRO TIP: If you have blog content that was posted more than a year ago and it is still relevant today, refresh it by adding new examples, statistics, or expanding on different aspects. Then republish it, and you likely see a boost in search engine traffic to that page.

4.   Marketing Goals Check-In

It may only be a few months since the start of your 2021 digital marketing strategy, but it’s a good time to check in to see where you stand compared to the goals you set. This allows you to adjust sooner rather than later to get things back on track if a campaign or effort is not performing as expected.

PRO TIP: Don’t feel discouraged if a campaign isn’t getting the results you were hoping for. Sometimes it may just require a few tweaks to get it back on track, and other times it’s better to shut it down and regroup. By partnering with a digital marketing provider like Vivial, we’ve seen it all and can guide you towards what will likely work best to help you reach your goals.


Whether your business is seasonal or booming year-round, it is always beneficial to refresh and update your online presence to drive engagement and bring in new business. Contact one of our Digital Marketing Experts to find out how we can help you get the most out of your online presence.