It often feels like Facebook’s algorithm will never stop changing — and it won’t. Many small businesses constantly struggle with keeping their business Page in the news feed of their followers without paying for it. However, if you engage your fans around specific content, your Page may see more prime time in Facebook’s news feed.

Facebook’s algorithm consists of three known parts that deliver the most relevant content to users:

  1. Affinity: how “connected” a user is
  2. Weight: the action taken by users such as Like or comments
  3. Time decay: how old a post is or how long it has been since this user logged into Facebook

While you can’t see a score for your posts, you can see the impact of your posts by looking into your Page’s Insights. You should specifically look at the Reach of your posts and the engagement on each post.
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While you should always rely on your own metrics to see what is working, sometimes you need an infusion of new ideas of what works for other Facebook Pages. We’ve gathered a few high engagement Facebook posts that will help you generate some new ideas for posts that your followers will engage with.

Let users experience your business
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Bring your business to life by sharing an experience with your Facebook Page visitors. While events lend well to these types of posts (because you can tag people, share photos, videos, etc.), there are other ways visitors can experience your business on Facebook. If you’re a restaurant, share a photo of a filled dining room or a quick customer testimonial if you’re a hair salon.

Share a helpful tip
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We live in a Buzzfeed world – and people love lists and tips. Share a helpful tip (that relates to your business or industry) and most-likely one of your followers will find it useful and share it.

Ask questions
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From fill-in-the-blanks to trivia and opinions, questions start a conversation. In the example above, the Page owner is sharing an experience — and asking people their opinions in order to open a dialogue. In this case, the discussion in the comments section kept the post visible for more people, triggering more comments.

Share inspiration
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Almost everyone appreciates inspiration, whether it’s the Monday morning blues or it’s just an off week. Share quotes or images to inspire others and you’ll increase your engagement.

You can also get a little personal and share what inspires your business. Vivial does this by sharing a motivational quote every Monday morning to get into the work week.

Deliver value
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Many times people will become fans of your page to stay up-to-date on any special offers. Coupons and deals give your Page the opportunity to share something of value that only your business can deliver. Not only will your fans appreciate it, but most-likely, they’ll share it with their Facebook friends so your post gets more visibility.

Celebrate your customers
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When your customers share their love for your business or product, share that appreciation! Not only does it show that you read all the messages from customers, but that you actually take them to heart (and it doesn’t hurt for your Page to feature thoughtful notes from caring customers so you can convert potential customers to paying ones).

Share in a timely manner
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Whether it’s capitalizing on trends, holidays or seasons, post things that relate to what people are currently thinking about. Above, Whole Foods does this by sharing a recipe for a Super Bowl Sunday snack (and asking a question).

Leverage popular memes
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People love to laugh and memes (or anything humorous) are a great way to get them to like or share a post. This is a tactic we frequently use (on Twitter) and our meme posts always have a high engagement rate. All you need to do is Google “your industry” and “meme” to find some funny posts to share.

Don’t forget the power of video


Tic Tac OreoWho can resist a yummy game of Tic Tac Oreo? #PlayWithOreo

Posted by Oreo on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Video can be a powerful tool for small and local businesses, even if it isn’t something you’d usually think of when marketing yourself. Your videos don’t have to be Hollywood-worthy – things such as customer testimonials, how-to guides, product demonstrations or short animations are all effective ways to get your business into Facebook’s news feed.

Keep in mind that videos posted directly into Facebook perform much better than videos shared from YouTube (Facebook’s way of promoting their video platform over others).

Start including a wider variety of social posts on your Facebook Page and track which posts get the highest engagement and influence your news feed “score” the most.

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