The potential is there, but do you know how to access it? How to unlock the power of marketing and start utilizing it to the best of your ability? By combining Online + Social + Mobile Marketing, you can drive your offline sales through the roof.

Despite reports to their demise, brick-and-mortar stores are alive and well and thriving when they embrace an integrated approach to marketing. The fact is, when people are looking for something, before they buy, they search—and more often than not that search happens on a mobile device.

During the 2017 holiday shopping season, 78% of holiday shoppers who visited a store turned to online search before going that visit.1 And trends are showing that number will increase in 2018.

So, what kind of information are they looking for when they search? According to Think with Google, mostly, they are looking for recommendations, store info and purchase options.

  1. Recommendations: Shoppers turn to their phones to search before heading to a store when they don’t have a particular product or brand in mind. What they find during this search can greatly impact their decisions. Reviews and recommendations play an important role in determining what to buy.
  2. Store Information: Another common thread in searches are people looking for details about the store itself, such as location or proximity to their current location (think “near me” searches). In addition to “near me” searches, people use their phones to check store hours, directions, wait times, contact information, and in some cases, product availability.
  3. Purchase Options: Once shoppers are armed with all the pertinent information they need, they turn one last time to their mobile device to narrow down their purchase options, looking for the best deal available.

Customers are out there, and they are ready to purchase, they just have many more tools at their disposal to research your store and the products you sell. Make sure you are giving them all the information they seek with an Online + Social + Mobile Marketing plan that’s designed to succeed.