First impressions matter in every industry but are especially important when it comes to headlining your content. On average, only 20% of users will continue on to an article after reading a headline, meaning even a good headline turns away 8 out of 10 potential viewers. Your content may be stellar, but it doesn’t matter if no one reads it.

A strong headline should provoke a reader’s feeling of intrigue and mystery, while also accurately representing the copy’s contents. Not sure how to do that? Here are six key attributes that make for good, click-worthy headlines.

Guide for Creating Clickable Headlines

1.     Lists, Steps, and Numbers

One sure-fire way to increase headline clicks is by using the words “list” or “step” and numbers. Readers are drawn towards organized, list-style content that can be quickly scanned and easily absorbed.

2.     A Clear Description

A headline should be thought of as an introduction to your topic so that it gives a quick and complete overview of what the reader should expect. For instance, a descriptive headline such as “What is Local SEO and 5 Reasons It’s Important” gives a short and sweet summary of what the reader will find.

3.     The Added Value

Is reading your content going to make your audience’s life easier, improve their efficiency, or increase their productivity? If so, tell them! By seeing a tangible result in the headline, your audience will be quick to click and more willing to absorb the knowledge you are offering them. An excellent example headline that puts the added value at the forefront is “How Humanizing Your Brand Through Social Transparency Can Boost Brand Loyalty.”

4.     Transparency

Showing openness and vulnerability upfront in your headlines and content will breed audience trust and drive traffic to your brand. Your readers want to know why you think or do the things that you do. Talk about a behind-the-scenes look at your business practices, techniques, partners, and so on through a “Why We Do What We Do” themed article will entice clicks and grow consumer trust.

5.     Second Person Pronouns

Using second-person pronouns in a headline might feel weird, but it’s a great attention grabber and callout to potential readers. Addressing your audience directly pulls them into your content by helping them relate more to the topic.

6.     Strong Language

Use emotional and powerful verbs and adjectives to command a reader’s attention. Readers also most often read only the first and last three words of your headline, giving you an optimal space to use emotional language. Not sure what words to use? Check out Co-Schedule’s list of power and emotion words for headlines.


By taking the time to craft attention-grabbing headlines, you will start to see a boost in click-throughs rates. Pair that with high-quality content, and you have the perfect recipe for building trust in your brand, increasing your online presence, which in turn will result in success for your business. Want help creating good content that your audience wants to read? Ask how we can help!