Every year, it seems like a new social media app inevitably takes the digital world by storm, claiming to be the new “it” platform for digital communications and marketing. And while it is great that local businesses flock to keep up with the latest social media trends, they are often missing one key tool on their website – a blog!

Incorporating a blog on your site allows your local business to create content that boosts your SEO, drives traffic to your site, and results in increased lead capture and conversion. In fact, Demand Metric estimates that companies with a blog produce, on average, 67% more leads every month than companies that don’t. The blogging benefits don’t stop there, however. Read on for five ways a blog can increase your online presence and drive customers to your local business.

Get Local Rankings Organically

Search engines such as Google cater to websites they think users want to see – based on search queries. Big-budget businesses commonly use paid advertisements to ensure their brand is viewable in key search queries; however, smaller companies where the budget is tight may need to rely on organic listings.  But don’t fret, a blog can help. Posting timely, relevant, and updated content to your blog regularly will increase the likelihood that your site will rank in the top search results for the keywords you target in your area.

Increase Traffic to Your Site

Every business wants to drive traffic to their website, and local businesses are no exception. Posting educational blogs is a great way to entice users to check out your page. A recent HubSpot study revealed that companies running a consistent blog received 55% more traffic over businesses without a blog.

More traffic equals more leads, subscriptions, or purchases, no matter the industry. Whether you’re selling a product, marketing a service, or just trying to increase brand awareness, a blog can help drive more traffic to your site and one step closer to achieving your goals.

Attract New Customers

Blogs are a great opportunity to expose your local business to new audiences and customers. We all do online research before making purchases, especially expensive ones. Company blogs provide customers with educational information, feedback, and the reassurance they need to convert. In fact, according to Demand Metric, 70% of consumers stated they would rather learn about a company through a blog or article post versus a paid ad, supporting the fact that blogs are valuable assets when it comes to attracting new customers.

Regular, value-adding blogs can also help establish you and your business as experts in your field, providing consumers with a level of trust in your knowledge and the quality of your products/services.

PRO-TIP: Make sure to include a strong call-to-action (CTA) in each blog post, so consumers feel moved to purchase or further interact with your business!

Create New Sales Funnels

Blogging might not seem like a profitable endeavor, but posting helpful topics with strong CTA’s can push even the most casual readers to subscribe, reach out, or even purchase from your business.

By sharing your blog on social media and optimizing the content for high-quality keyword phrases, you create one more touchpoint that can pull potential customers to your site. From there, give the user options within the page’s content, header, footer, and sidebar to initiate contact via a form fill, subscription field, or purchase button – and don’t forget to include a strong CTA!

Achieve Long Lasting Results

We’ve all been given the cautionary warning – once you put it on the internet, it’s out there forever – but this is actually a good thing when it comes to blogging! The benefits mentioned above can last for weeks, months, or even years after a blog post’s publication.

And while it’s important to continue creating new, fresh content, HubSpot estimates that over ¾ of blog views and 90% of leads come from older blog posts.

As you can see, utilizing a blog on your site is a simple way for your business to grow its audience, improve SEO rankings, and achieve long-lasting, tangible results. Need help getting started? Reach out to a Vivial Digital Marketing Specialist today!