In a move mimicking Facebook’s uber-successful newsfeed advertisements, LinkedIn has just formally introduced Sponsored Updates. These paid offerings appear almost identical to normal user posts, with the major difference being a small “sponsored” label next to the name of the advertiser.


This new type of advertising on LinkedIn has some very promising upsides for small businesses, especially those in B2B marketing. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn was built for business people. Users expect to see business-related content featured all over their newsfeed. Naturally, these sponsored updates fit right into the existing user experience.

In addition, LinkedIn’s laser targeting makes sure you can focus your advertising efforts only on the right people. Most users share their company name, location, title and industry in their profiles, helping you pick exactly the right message for the right people.


Unfortunately these ads won’t be available to everyone just yet. LinkedIn has released the new ad options to a select group of users to work out the kinks before they do a global roll out. For those who do have access, you can run LinkedIn Sponsored Updates from your company profile or from within the ads manager.

To learn more, check out the official LinkedIn blog post, or view their guide on How to Set Up LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.


Do you think LinkedIn Sponsored Updates will be a wild success, or just another piece of the puzzle to solve?

  • Stephen: How is the formula for creating the matching ad to the feed? What’s the secret sauce? 😉 I think it will work out well, if I don’t get too cluttered. Do you know how much of their revenue is coming for premium accounts? Will they have an ad free newsfeed?