When it comes to attracting new customers, having online reviews can make or break your next sale. Consumers are turning to online reviews to help make their purchase decisions and not having any reviews can be just as harmful as having some negative reviews.

Consider the following:

  • 80% of consumers said they are more likely to purchase products or services in-store if there are positive reviews on the company’s website, mobile site, or Facebook page
  • 88% of Internet users read online reviews
  • 72% said positive reviews make them trust a local business more
  • 88% said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 57% of consumers visit a local business website after reading online reviews
  • More people read positive reviews (69%) than negative ones (63%).

Be Found in Search

With consumers putting such an emphasis on using reviews in their purchase decisions, not having Yelp or Google reviews can put your business at a disadvantage in search results. In Google, search results consist not only of Google reviews found in the Local Listing box but Yelp results and other online review sites as well.

You want consumers to be able to search and find online reviews for your business, showcasing customer opinions, and highlighting your local business’s customer service, in the form of responses to those reviews.

Speak With Customers

Online reviews provide you the opportunity to speak with your customers. Even though it’s not an in-person conversation, reaching out to customers who leave reviews you can publicly acknowledge and address both negative and positive comments.

Just as customers would expect any feedback or comments supplied in person to be addressed, reviewers want their voice to be heard and acknowledged, so as a small business you need to respond to reviewers.

Not only will responding to reviewers show the customer that they are valued, but it will show potential customers that you are responsive and care about the service they receive. Whether you are responding to positive or negative reviews, have the perfect response ready with our review response formula.

Start Getting Reviews

No matter if your small business already has a few reviews or you want to start building your reviews, we can help you!

We’ve put together our top strategies to generate online reviews for your local business, from putting up a sign in your storefront to including a call-to-action it in your email marketing. Find all the strategies to grow your online reviews in our free download!

Online reviews have grown to become increasingly important in the customer shopping cycle and your local business’s online reviews can make or break your brand. Start building your online reviews and responding to them to showcase your customer service!