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Call TrackingToday, numerous tools exist for marketing campaigns. An integrated approach that consists of print and digital solutions offers the most visibility in our high-tech world. While each tool provides features like consumer awareness, how do you know which ones generate the best results?

One way to gauge a campaign’s success is to determine how many phone calls you received. Call tracking allows you to identify which platforms, campaigns, and keywords made your phone ring. In essence this process helps you uncover which marketing channel(s) give you the best return on investment.

Which metrics matter most?

  • Number of calls – This data informs you on how many consumers engaged with a particular campaign.
  • Call duration – Typically speaking, longer calls are more likely to turn into strong leads because they indicate a higher level of interest.
  • Conversions – After consumers call you, they often need time to decide if they want to buy from you. Call tracking helps you find out when these consumers originally called you, giving you a better idea on which campaigns converted the most prospects into actual customers.
  • Cost per lead – How much does each lead cost? Let’s say your budget is $500 a month. If you receive 50 leads during that time, then you spent a total of $10 on each lead. This data is vital because it helps you determine if you should increase/decrease your advertising dollars.
  • Time of day and location – See when and where the majority of your conversions emerge. This data helps you maximize your spend by investing dollars into the timeframes and geographies that generate the greatest results.
  • Pay-per-call (PPC) landing page performance – When consumers visit your landing page, they either fill out a form or call you. Adding call tracking to that web page allows you to gather so much more information than just the fields on the form. You’ll be able to see which pages generated the most calls/leads and the highest conversion rates.

Want to gauge your sales team’s effectiveness?

Another great benefit of call tracking is that you can see which team members convert the most calls into customers. This data can help you set up training programs for members who need support and evaluate individual performance for raises or promotions.


Call tracking gives you much more than metrics—it helps you develop the best strategies for your marketing efforts. Ultimately, this information guides you through which marketing channels produce the most revenue, ensuring the ongoing success of your business.