If you are a seasonal business, this time of year could be a moment for you to catch your breath after a brisk summer of sales. Or you could be just ramping up for the holiday season. Either way, you are accustomed to being busy for one part of the year and not as much for the rest of the calendar. Just as you adjust other aspects of your business accordingly to cover the high and low parts of the year, your digital advertising should be adjusted too.

Just remember, there’s no off-season for digital marketing!

Maybe you are a landscaper used to working more in the warmer months than cold, or a tax professional ramping up for tax season, every business has different needs depending on the season. However, it’s still important to continue marketing your business during both the peak season and the downturn of the off-season. Here are three tips to get your digital marketing peaking during the off-season.

#1: Don’t stop posting quality content.

This is the biggest mistake a business can make! Just because grass goes dormant in the winter, doesn’t mean your marketing should. In fact, your off-season means you have even more time to devote to your digital marketing efforts, giving you the ability to create some of your best content.

  • Experiment with different ideas and create content that varies so you can see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Take a look back at your marketing strategy during your peak time and see what worked and what didn’t.
  • Analyze what your competition did, and see if there are any new trends you missed out on.

The most important thing is to keep posting content to keep your customers engaged on social media, and your website, all year long.

#2: Increase your connection with customers and expand your reach.

The slow pace of the off-season allows more time for connecting with customers. Take a break from marketing your products and services and market yourself instead.

  • Do charity work, or support community projects, then post about it on your social media pages. This spreads a positive image of your brand within your market.
  • The off-season is also a time where you can give tips and detailed information about your industry, setting you up as an industry expert. Not only do you educate your customers about your industry, but you are also educating them on what your company offers.

By providing useful tips, your customers will continue to come back to your site which allows you future touchpoints for additional business.

#3: Offer discounts, specials, and deals.

Maybe you have products leftover that didn’t sell, now is the perfect time to unload it. You don’t have to take a loss, just make reasonable discounts that allow you to unload the product and still make a profit.

  • Reducing prices in the off-season is the easiest way to attract new customers.
  • Try holding a flash sale or one-day sale or limited-time offer to further spark interest.
  • Reach out to existing customers and upsell them via special packages for next season or promote an early payment special to keep cash flowing in the slow months.
  • Giveaways and contests are also easier to run in the off-season. While somebody might not want to buy ski lessons in July, they might jump at the chance to win them.

Off-season promotions are a win-win for you, bringing in additional sales while also decreasing inventory and storage.

Remember, just because your seasonal business slows in the off-season, it’s still important to engage your customers all year long. And digital marketing allows you to communicate with customers 24/7/365! Want to talk about your digital marketing strategy for the New Year? Reach out to a Vivial consultant today.